Cinderellas royal table


We managed to get reservations for the dinner. Who exactly are the characters? I’ve heard its now princess’s and fairy god mother.


We were there in January '12 and saw: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle and Ariel. And, of course, Prince Charming.


OMG! Ariel! I know I am almost 30 years old, but I freak out lol. She is my generations princess! Im so happy!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Are you going for breakfast or dinner? We’ve done both & they’re very different - breakfast has all the princesses coming around to all the tables, lots of photo ops & interaction. Dinner is a little different- meet & greet & photo with Cinderella in the lobby of the castle, then during dinner, the Fairy Godmother & the mice come around. I guess it all depends on what your group is looking for… We did each once then DH & DD6 did breakfast just the 2 of them this past trip. If you’re not necessarily concerned about “eating in the castle” consider the Cinderella character meal at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian - we did that the 1st year & hands down was the BEST character interaction- Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Stepmother & the stepsisters- all come around to the tables & take pics, sign autograph books- well worth considering!


Actually, they recently changed it so that the princesses do rotate for dinner - I’m thinking 2010/2011? So breakfast, lunch, and dinner are essentially the same in character experience.


OMG! See what happens when you skip WDW for 1 year?!?!!
Shhhh no one tell DD6 since we decided to skip CRT this September- I figured we’d done it enough times already:blush:


We are actually doing the castle & 1900 park fare for dinner =)


Can’t comment on CRT for dinner - breakfast was ok, character interaction and photo ops where great but the food was nothing special!

1900 Park Fare is awesome though for any time of day! They offer a really varied selection for dinner and the Step Sisters are a riot!


We’ve also seen Jasmine at CRT.


When we went in Sept Ariel, Snow white, Aurora, and Belle were at the dinner.


I was only at CRT once and it was back in 2003. I wasn’t thrilled with the food (I kind of thought it tasted like diner food) and I don’t remember any cast members even being there.I’m super excited for it this year!


It’s funny, considering it was mainly my daughter who went to WDW with us, we never did either one of those dinners and now my Disney buddy will be my grandson who will no doubt have little use for princesses.

Go figure!


Mrsmouse, I just love your little princess. What a cute munchkin


thanks Dopey. She is our pride and joy. We have another munchkin on his way any day now. Can’t wait to break him into the Disney mold.


Just booked CRT for our October trip…so excited! Thanks for the info I had the same questions!