Cinderella's suite


Do they still use this suite in Cinderella’s castle??


They aren’t currently giving it away randomly to a guest for a night like they did during the Year of a Million Dreams, but I’m not sure if they’re using it for something else or not. Haven’t heard of any thing!


From what I have read they are using it for special guests and special occasions(as far as the criteria ??).


Aren’t we all special guests lol


When I went in March I ask a CM and she said that the suite is basically used for executives and affiliates to show them a good time… so basically the same thing.


So us regular folks have lost our chance to stay there! :frowning:


We are good enough when they want our money…:glare:


I heard they might start renting it out or using DVC points…but it’s very possible this came to me in a dream


I think they should donate it to Mousebuzz for the mbers to use. Everyone pick a week!!


I’m not sure what you guys are complaining about.

I stay there all the time.


I think this is an excellent idea and I will support it fully!!!