Cinderellas surprise sellabration or cinderellabration?


Which do you prefer ? :flowers:


I vote CSC because it just a bit more …
Fresh and happy
Sure cinderellabration is happy but I don’t realy know why I chose CSC just something about it !


I like Cinderellabration…rolls off my tongue easier and makes more sense in my head.


Cinderellabration, it’s clever. :slight_smile:




Cinderellabration, Will they have this in Magic Kingdom in January?


I am not sure , I remember reading something rowdy said about cinderellas surprise cellabration coming back but I am not sure


Actully, I though it was a sellabration with all the, ummm, “stuff” they try to sell you…



I voted for Cinderellabration! It just sounds more…Disney to me! :happy:


I think I read somewhere that Cinderellabration will end in September. I have never seen it, but my DD did last December when she went for the first time to WDW with my mom and dad. We are all going back the week after Thanksgiving, so I will never get to see it. :frowning:


I LOVED Cinderellabration…

It will still be the same show after October right, just a different name??


I believe Cinderella’s Surprise Cellebration is coming back.



But I like CSC a little too:)


Cinderellabration for me too.


awww…no I want the cinderellabration to stay!!


I chose Cinderellabration. We loved it !!


i love them both. but if i had to chose, i would say cinderellabration only because all of the princesses come out and they look so pretty in their gowns. it also makes me want to be a princess so bad.


I just read this on

“Cinderella’s Surprise Celebration – reportedly returns at the beginning of November, following the final performance of Cinderellabration.”


Oh no, that is a tragedy :frowning: