Cinderells'a Castle stay winner!


Does anyone have a link to the results of the contest for AP holders? I’m assuming it aint me because I havent gotten a call, but I would love to know if Dis has chosen anyone.:dry:


I have not heard anything yet either and I just knew I would be the winner…:slight_smile:


If anyone on here wins and doesn’t want to stay in that ol’ stinky castle, I will be happy to take your place for you and endure that punishment. :whistling:whistling


I concur and will even raise you a :smile:


This is new to me.


I have no issue with sharing my high-jacked spot in the castle. We will make ourselves a “package deal” for the poor soul that gets stuck with this horrible prize…I raise you a :biggrin:


i see your :biggrin: and raise you both a :mickey: and an:angel:


I’m all in with :pirate::cool::whistling:laugh:


Under these circumstances, I CALL!