Circle Vision Vs. Soaring Over California



I just first wanted to say what a nice board this is and very informative. I do have a question though since my wife and I will be traveling to Disneyland later this month. I was wondering a few things about Soaring Over California in DCA. Is this ride kind of like the Circle Vision attraction that used to be in Tomorrowland at Disneyland? I remember I had to actually had to leave this thing due to nausea which I normally never get on any type of rides. I have heard great things about Soaring, but if it’s that kind of feel you got in Circle Vision, then I might have to think twice about this one but I really want to experience it. Can anyone tell me if this is similar and if so, would I be able to exit the attraction if need be :wacko:

Lol, but seriously!



Hey…First off, Welcome! :slight_smile: No, Soarin is notin like circle vision. In Soarin your hoisted up in your seats and u soar, its AWSOME. Your in front of this HUGE like 5 story (or taller…?) screen and ur seats move back and forth and up and down, a little here and little there…U see wondeful things, all the sites and sounds of CA and air is blown on u with the smell of where u are, you actually feel like ur flying! Its SOOO cool…U’ll enjoy it, trust me! :slight_smile: :wink: If u’d like more info on this ride feel free to ask! :slight_smile: :wink:


LOL. I hate circlevision as found in China and Canada in EPCOT, and the old Timekeeper ride in Tomorrowland (WDW of course). I have to stare straight ahead, or I cannot watch it at all. Soarin’ is nothing like that. Much more like an IMax movie. You can easily look left or right or behind, and all you see is black, or people. In fact, that is one of the most interesting thing, to look around and see how the ride works, and just see other floating around. I know you will love it.


I agree with the others. I have a really sensitive stomach and the Circle Vision movies do bother me a bit, but Soarin did not bother me at all. I say go for it.


I also am very prone to motion sickness, but I LOVE Soarin’! I have found that I do better if I am in the 2nd or 3rd row. You will be able to see the people’s feet hanging down above you, but for some reason that helps my equilibrium. Don’t miss this ride!!


JFAZ, rest assured, you will really enjoy Soarin’ Over California. I totally agree with my fellow DC members who have posted. I have always been unable to tolerate any of those circular shows/motion rides (I couldn’t even go on the spinner in the playground when I was little! I doubt taht ‘spinner’ is what the thing is actually called, but perhaps you know what I mean. It was a wooded circle that a group of kids would jump on and hold on to the bars at the center while another kid ran like the wind to get it going around before jumping on, too.) Anyway, that’s more than you needed to know . . .

Soarin’ is my most favorite ride out of all the attractions in both DL and WDW! I really loved it. I am so delighted that one is being built at WDW!


I’m sure that I’m going to be trying this attraction out. I just wanted to see if this was going to be more like circle vision or not and what to expect. Thanks for your replies I appreciate it. I knew that I’d be able to get this question answered here.


Well I hope you have a good time! You’ll enjoy it. Also the best times to ride it without a fastpass is right when the park opens (usually around 10) or around lunch or at night durin the parade or a little bit before the park closes. Thats usually when the lines are lower and moving faster, I personally like to use a fastpass for that ride because I can then go and catch a quick ride on the Maliboomer or sumthin real fast, if you know what I Mean. :slight_smile: :wink: Well have a great time at The Happiest Place on Earth! :slight_smile: :wink:


Soarin is a definite MUST DO!!! It is one of my all time favorite rides at all Disney Parks!!! Have so much fun!!!


That is a TOTAL must do ride:-)


Anaheimboy your totally right! If your going to DCA don’t miss SOC.


lol, thanks :-). Yes SOC is like one of the best rides ever and is a must not miss! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: