Cirque Discounts


There currently is a real nice Cirque discount for DVC Members that runs through 6/27. Anybody have any idea what will follow? We are looking at going in August.:laugh:


I was hoping the discount would be for the whole summer, my son would love to go back. Maybe next summer…


I would imagine that their business is down also so maybe there will be a follow up discount. Just waiting until 6/27 to see!


I’m sure business is slow. Just because Disney is filling rooms doesn’t mean people are spending money. Cirque is a high dollar thing and something that a lot of families are going to skip to save money.


We have never gone and it is expensive. Is it that good? :huh:


It’s that good. My DH put off going because of the high price but once we saw the show he was ready to see it again. We’re only going for 4 nights this summer so it’s not part of our plans but we are going to see it again. Our then 10 year old LOVED the show, he still talks about it a year later.


OK, I am in! Thanks!!:cool:


Oh you should be so in. It is an awsome show.