Cirque du Soleil La Nouba dress rehearsals for charity


I got to go to La Nouba’s dress rehearsal last night - my first Cirque du Soleil show ever!! It was absolutely AMAZING. I was in the front row and it was incredible to be so close to the performers.

The dress rehearsals are done once a year as a charity event. This is an older article (I couldn’t find any more recent ones) but it explains things well:

The performers in Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba show in Orlando don’t like dress rehearsals. But once a year, after their annual two-week break, it’s a requirement. So five years ago, the performers decided to do something with it.

They came up with the idea of selling tickets to the rehearsal performance to raise money for the Cirque du Soleil Foundation USA. It was such a success that now every Cirque du Soleil across the country does the same thing. This year – on June 4 – the Orlando performance raised $44,030. The funds will be used for local cultural programs and donated to community organizations that work with at-risk youth, such as A Gift for Music, Orlando Ballet Steps Program, Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida, Heart of Florida United Way and Michelee Puppets.

La Nouba rehearsal boosts at-risk kids - Orlando Sentinel


It is an awesome show!! Glad you were able to go!


A two-fer; An excellent show for an excellent cause.


What a wonderful concept that is. So glad you enjoyed it. Cirque is wonderful, never seen the WDW show- only at Vegas but they all are spectacular.