Cirque Q


What discounts are there for Cirque? Annual Pass? DVC?

I think we adding this to our April trip. Help!:blink:


I can’t find a discount for Cirque in either the 2007 Passholder Program booklet or the DVC Portable Perks booklet.




You should check on the DVC web site. I do remember that a while ago you could get a discount but I am not sure ifthey are still offering this.:nemo: :tinkerbell:


I know for sure that I used a discount this past June to purchase Cirque tickets… it was either an AP, AAA or DDE. I can’t remember which one it was. But I definately got a discount.


I have another Q. These tickets are non-refundable like Broadway Play tickets, correct? If so, does this sell-out often? I am scared to buy such tickets so far out!:ohmy:


For our first 2 trips, I would have liked to go, but ended up not because the tickets that I wanted were unavailable. This trip, I called to buy them the first morning that they were for sale. I was able to pick the actual seats that I wanted. (The Disney people had to transfer me to someone else at “Cirque tickets”.) I have no regrets, but you really need to be sure that it’s something you want to do. I suppose you could always sell the tickets on ebay or something if you change your mind. Why don’t you try going online & seeing what kind of seats are available for an imaginary date not so far away. That way you could see if they sell-out.


I think they offer some discount but is lke $10 off or about 5. Most people i know that has come down on vacation usually buy the ticket when they get here. I never have heard of them overselling tickets and bumping you out of a show.
BTW i was from the opening crew for Cirque.
And one of my neighbors is the Le Titan from the show,very cool guy.And i used to live next door to Iouri he is the one on the aerial Silk ballet he also used to be maried to the ballerina from the show.(just useless info i guess):closedeye


Actually, darn interesting information!:laugh:



I think AAA had something last year when we went – it was tempting though we decided to not go, because we had already seen it.


We were told that Cirque sells out months ahead. When I checked for mid November, they had plenty of good seats still left


A cast member told me as I was making my dinner reservations for this past trip (Oct) that tickets sell out waaaaay ahead of time. I waited until Sep to buy my tickets & got GREAT seats. As far as discounts, I think they used to offer them for Cirque on a regular basis but not so much anymore. There was a discount for September (I can’t remember if it was an AP discount or DVC) but we couldn’t use it since we were going in Oct. And I don’t think the discount was on “front & center” seating anyway, which is what we wanted. Great show though. It was our first Cirque experience & DH thought he’d be falling asleep but he said it kept his attention all the way through…


I think we are sold on going in April but will wait until closer just to be sure that the date is set on our schedule.:happy:

Thanks Everyone!