Can you go to Citiwalk for free and just walk around and have a few drinks? Has anyone done this? Is it worth the trip?


Citiwalk itself is free. You do have to pay for parking in the Universal Lot. I guess it’s fun - we’re always too tired to party.


I hear that! :happy:

I am thinking for our adult only January Half Marathon trip. Sort of a post-race event maybe a day later.

We will have cars which is not true every trip. I was also considering seeing The Blue Man Group. I have heard nice things about that.


Not going to tell you what I know (which is really nothing) until you post at least a short report about your cruise!! :tongue:


Oooh - blackmail! I like it.:happy:


Ahhh, yes! Fair enough. I am always terrible at posting anything that even looks like a TR. I will try very hard to do so!


I’m not sure if it is free. I know some of the clubs have cover charges (that are included in the citywalk pass that you get if you are staying on-site). I’m sure you can still get drinks at walk-up bars, but it may cost to get into any of the clubs.


all I can say is the Emerils is definately worth it…


I’m planning on hitting the karaoke with a live band in Citywalk while we are there. It’s a really fun place.


I may be a wee bit biased… but I really like Margaritaville! :laugh:


Are you wastin’ away again?


When we were there in 2005 it was free, but I do believe there were cover charges at some of the clubs.

We never got a chance to go there last time we were there but would like to check it out next fall when we do our Universal/Disney combo trip. Is the food good? Any recommendations? Do they have entertainment there?


Once your kids are teens, you have a new appreciation for Citiwalk. It is such a rush for them. It’s just hard to go there, because, you know… it’s not Disney LOL


Well, Unofficial Guide recommends it for crazy Parrot Heads. If you aren’t big into Buffett, then I don’t think it would be nearly as entertaining. They play Buffett tunes and videos on large projector screens (sails, actually). I believe there is a live band at night. We started going there in the day, though, because the nighttime crowd is ridiculous. The food is pretty good. You have to get the Cheeseburger in Paradise. Of course, I think the one time I differed from heaven on earth with an onion slice, it was tasty, as well. Every 90 minutes, I think, the volcano erupts and empties the booze in the blender… but no worries, it’s a soon never-ender. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: