Cleared for Mission Space


We just had our checkup with my son’s neurologist and he said it was okay for him to ride mission space. DS has a seizure disorder, his condition is controlled my medicine but if he does not get enough sleep or is stressed he can have one. They usually happen at night when he is falling asleep. He has never had one when he was fully awake. MS and TOT are the only two rides that I do not let him go on. I am still worried about MS so I am not sure what to do if he asks. I don’t think he heard his doctor say it was okay.


Have you considered allowing him to ride the new milder version only, and still prohibiting him from the original?

I think that might work for you. Since his doctor cleared him for the original version, I’m assuming, the milder version might put your mind at ease even more.


My vote would DEFINATELY be the milder version like Ingamba suggested. I understand how you’d be nervous, and I think my policy would be “better safe than sorry” on this occassion. I think the “mild version” offers the perfect solution.


Out of curiosity, does either version of the ride have strobe lights? Because if so, that may impact your decision. My brother has a seizure disorder, and strobe lights trigger it on occasion.


Good to hear the check up with the neurologist went well :flowers:

Now, I’m not sure if you’re looking to bounce this off people, and I don’t really want to give unsolicited advise, but it seems as if your post is sort of testing the waters to see what we have to say. If my child were prone to seizures, even with a Dr’s okay and medication, I’d heed the warning signs on the rides and keep him off :smile: If you weren’t looking for input, ignore me, lol.

When do you go? (I really miss the countdowns)


IMO, I have to say, I agree with Daisyd. I don’t think I would allow my child to ride under any circumstances with this type of disorder. However, you are the best judge of what he can handle and if you decide to go for it, definately go for the milder version.


I think with all of the publicity surrounding MS these days,I wouldn’t let my child on it if he/she had any kind of condition,no matter how mild,but that’s just me. You are the best judge of your boy,so you know what would be good for him.


I have to agree… Better safe than sorry, ya know? The MILDER version, like everyone else has suggested, seems like the perfect compromise if he MUST ride.

Only you know what your little one can and can’t handle. Good luck with your decision!


I am so glad that you asked your doctor first. I would still be concerned with MS too. Maybe let him go on the tame version, so he can still experince it?


I have to agree with everyone else. I’ve made the decision never to ride the intense version anymore. I’ve ridden it several times without incident, then last March I got very ill. It is SO intense. Maybe the doctor doesn’t even realize how intense it is. Better safe than sorry - stick to the tamed-down version.


The experience on MS mild version is still great! Your child won’t miss anything by riding the less intense version. The only difference I notice at all is that I avoid a massive headache by riding the milder MS!


I vote for the milder version too. Personally I think even I would rather experience that in the future, if it helps me avoid the “massive headache” as leslieh put it! I usually have to save M:S for the end of the day when we’re headed back to the resort, because it really makes my head…funky. :blink:

Have you looked into other attractions that could potentially pose a problem? Batgirl’s mention of strobe lights reminded me, even some seemingly mild attractions (such as Honey I Shrunk The Audience) have strobe light effects that can trigger seizures. When I was working at HISTA, Disney made us start adding that information into our safety spiel. I don’t know if there was a particular incident that triggered it, but suddenly Disney seemed very intent on warning people that even guests with seizure disorders who have experienced the attraction before should be extra cautious in deciding to enter.


I have to say that I am definitely over cautious. But I agree with some of the others that say better safe than sorry. There are never any guarantees. I’d be trying to divert his interest elsewhere.
Enjoy your trip.


I also vote for the milder version, or neither at all. But I’m an overcautious spaz, so…


Thanks guys, My post was a “what would you do” and my friends at MB really helped. I talked it over with my husband last night. We have decided not to have him ride. We will tell him before we leave that we have decided against mission space, he is going to be mad :angry: but he gets over it pretty quickly. It better to tell him before we go than surprise him when we are in the park. Thanks again.


I agree with you Daisyd. I mean I do not want to put you off the ride nor do I want to scare you but if that was my child I would just not take the chance. I know things can go wrong for anyone of any age or size at anytime, anywhere but with so much that has happened recently usually involving persons who have had an underlying health issue, then I just wouldn’t take the chance over something that really is not a big part of life.
At the end of the day it is just a ride. It’s not the only ride there, it wont be the last ride ever made and there is plenty more to do at WDW.

It’s just my opinion though, please make your own decision. Your own instincts will always be the right one. :flowers:


I agree with this. We rode the new milder version in May right after it started and it was great. I didn’t miss the other motion at all and everyone felt great after riding.


I always think you have to go with your gut when it comes to your kids. You were unsure and I’m glad you and your DH came to the same decision (whatever that would have been :happy: ). Lots of pixie dust your DS isn’t too upset.


Now that I’ve been thinking about it, I think you’re making the right choice even keeping him off the new mild version. A child’s safety is much more important than a single experience at WDW. And think about it, the time you would’ve spent on M:S, you’ll be able to fill with other magical memories.

Sorry you had to make this tough choice, but good for you for doing what you feel is the right thing.


I liked the original version but the milder one is great too! However, it is better not to take a chance and enjoy many of the other wonderful rides that do not pose any danger to anyone.