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Your are so right and he’ll score a good toy out of this one :wub


Our DD#2 has been diagnosed epileptic since she was 12 (now almost 17). Her seizures are controlled by well by medication and she rode MS (real version) with no problems. Her pediatric neurologist has been pretty emphatic that we let her be normal…live a normal life like any other kid.


Even with a check up, I wouldn’t even consider the full version. It would be the mild ride, or none at all! There are plenty of other attractions to see/do!


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OK, one more post and I’ll let this go. There are a lot of things to consider. When you said “seizure disorder”, that scares most people on this site to run for the exits.

How old is your child? Are his seizures controlled with medication? If not how often do they occur? Does your DS have what my DD has? Epilepsy of course describes anyone who has had more than one seizure. Well over half of epilepsy (like my DD’s) is of unknown cause (“garden-variety”) epilepsy.

Overwhelmingly seizures (even Grand Mal) are not fatal (not even harmful) unless you happen to be in a swimming pool or a tub (our DD of course can’t take baths and no one should swim alone.

When DD had her first Grand Mal, we followed her around like shadows for two weeks, terrified.

This isn’t really for you, you’ve probably heard all this from your doc, but for others on the site. Our DD’s pediatrician and her pediatric neurologist made it clear to us to let her go out and live. Of course she can’t take baths or swim alone and yes we’re parents (we worry), but she’s done well. Even the little seizures (strange hearing noises) are gone with her latest medicine.

She’s fearless when it comes to rides: coasters, ToT, MS, whatever. She’s lucky she’s never had a Grand Mal when she’s on her med.

Having said that, your child’s situation may be different, there are more special or rare seizure disorders or maybe you think the risk of just the emotional drain of dealing with a seizure on vacation (at the happiest place in the world) is just too much. I can completely understand that. And if your anxious you’re not going have a good time and your DS is going to sense that.

As a fellow “seizure” parent, I feel your pain. Go with your head and your heart and have a great time! God bless.

DW and DD2!


My son is 12 and he has break thru seizures even with his medicine. His happen mostly at night when he is trying to fall asleep. He has had them during the day but they are very rare. If he does not get enought rest it or his having trouble falling asleep he is more prone to them. My ped neur said the same thing let him live a normal life. I try so hard to do and I have to start letting go a little more. Like your daughter he loves rides. I still don’t think I will let him ride MS do I think he will have a seizure on it, the answer is no but not knowing the other affects it could have later is what bothers me most.

After his appointment at his ped neur office I said to my husband that we are the lucky ones there are so many children worse off. That is what I tell myself everytime he has a seizure, it could be so much worse.

oh by the way Gingles, your daughter is beautiful.


You son is very lucky as well–to have such great parents!:smile:


You have to use your best judgement and weigh your options. He will more than likely be fine, but do you want to risk your trip with a medical emergency? I guess that would also depend on how you and your family react to his seizures. Would it be a big deal, or would he(and you) recover fairly quickly and continue on your merry little way. With or without MS, he is sure to have a great time.


I would do the same.


Wow gingles…that is a gorgeous girl!! Do you have to keep a shotgun loaded?

(btw, love your avatar…you’re pretty cute yourself)


I was thinking the same thing!:laugh:


I could not agree more. WDW is not just for fun, but all the happy memories. There are plenty of other rides and attractions to view. Please let us know how your trip went.