Closest disney hotel to universal


hello all not sure if this is in the right spot. we are going to disney September 16 to the 25th with the idea of spending one or two days at universal. we haven’t been there since it opened and would like to check out harry potter. we are thinking of doing six or seven nights are riverside then switch to a value for two nights to do universal… since we haven’t been there in years is two days enough… we are mainly going to see the new harry potter but thought since we paying for the tickets we would do some other stuff. we do not do coasters at all so that is out …are any of the values close to universal . if not do any of you have a suggestion for a hotel that is… universal does not have value hotels like disney and the prices are nuts… thanks for the help as always.


Well, I would say that all of the Disney hotels are probably about the same distance from UA… Think of it as WDW being its own island… You have to get off the island to go anywhere else… You are probably only 15-20 minutes from a hotel at WDW to UA… I did it in reverse in October. We were from out hotel to the parks in 15-20 minutes. (Our hotel was not at UA, but close, so it would not help you at all to recommend it). I would personally stay at WDW and drive-it is not too far…


There are several hotels “across” the street from Universal. I have stayed at the extended stay and found it quite nice for the price.


The values are the farthest hotels from Universal, however, Pop is located pretty much off I-4 at Exit 65, so that would be convenient, so long as you’ve got a car of your own.
I’m guessing that SSR is the closest Disney owned hotel to Universal.
On the other hand, if you stay at one of the Universal “3” hotels (Royal Pacific being the least expensive) your room key works as a full time fast pass for all attractions in Universal Studios and IOA and this is something that can be priceless when compared Disney’s fast pass or Universal’s Xpress Pass. (Unlimited use, no need to get pieces of paper, no extra cost, multiple uses for the most popular rides).


I know alot of people stay at WDW and head over to UA or the Gardens or Seaworld. We always talk about it, but when it comes down to we hate the idea of leaving Disney for the day. I think one of our trips we will have to stay off site and try the other attractions…


What are the Gardens?


In September I went to Universal for 2 days and then traveled over to Disney for a week. We stayed at the Springhill Suites by Marriot near Sea World. It was not a long ride to Disney or to Universal but closer to Universal. It was a new hotel that had just opened in August. I loved it and would stay again. The rooms are nice and have great seating areas, free internet, the shower and restroom are is separate rooms, they have a refrigerator and microwave also. The staff was super friendly as well. We couldn’t have made a better choice.


Both Disney and Universal make it so that if you want to get the most out of their parks, you really need to stay onsite. As Soundgod mentioned, the room key for Universal’s hotels works as an express pass (fastpass) for all attractions. Otherwise, you have to pay to use Universal’s express system. If you’re going to switch hotels to do Universal, you might as well switch to a Universal hotel (when you consider that all three of there hotels are near the quality of Disney “deluxe” resorts, then the prices are actually very reasonable). If your plan is to save money, then your best bet would be to switch to an off-site hotel nearer to Universal. Disney and Universal are both in Central Florida, but they aren’t exactly next door neighbors. It can take a good 10-15 minutes just to get off Disney property. I really wouldn’t recommend staying at a Disney value. They may be inexpensive in Disney Dollars, but I’m sure you can find a better deal elsewhere.