Closing Pi!


So, maybe everyone knows this already but i can’t believe they’re closing Pleasure Island on Sept. 27 :[ I’m so sad, I never even got to go there :crying:


I know my DS isn’t happy. I realize disney is thinking “why have all this space and it used for only 6 hrs every evening, when we can put stores in and be busy 12 hrs a day”. But for the “traveling to disney without kids” group, I think clubs were part of their plans. I know I thought my DS would love staying at SSR, just so he could walk home from the clubs. He is not the “spend hours shopping” type.


Here’s the thread about the clubs closing:


Shame to se it go, I never got a chance to realy experience it! But how many more shops can they put in? Most of them sell the same stuff on different shelves as it is! Should be interesting to see what they come up with!


We used to enjoy just having a walk through there occasionally and we have seen some good concerts there including Little Richard, Robert Palmer and a boy band whose name now escapes me but were very famous!
But I think for some time now it has not been quite the place Disney thought it would be so it will be interesting to see what replaces it.


Backstreet Boys, I think. If I recall correctly, before they hit it big they were at the West End Stage from time to time…?


Chelsey thinks it was Hanson?? mmbop and all that?? Yep think she’s right it was just checked on Google-although I think it might have been HOB rather than PI West End stage?


We are most certainly going to miss it (we are there 9/20 - 9/27), so it will be a fond farewell. We have always enjoyed the nightlife and the music. We also enjoy Jellyrolls at the BW, but it is not the same. Disney is always updating things and changing old for new, so will just have to wait and see what it gets replaced with.


PI was lots of fun in its heyday (when I was in my early 20s) but it seems like it’s popularity has really diminished. I wonder why?

Does anyone know what they are replacing it with?


There is another thread about this too, DT just linked it. :sad: In my opinion those clubs were a little blah anyway and I am NOT a clubby person either BUT it’s sad to see it go. I am VERY interested to see what they are replacing it with though.


I am too…I think the clubs were toooo expensive in my opinion for what they were. It would have been fun if they had a small cover charge for each or none at all…a lot more people probably would have gone.


Exactly!! The drinks were CRAZY expensive too. A night at PI could easily add up to a day at the parks with just two adults. :laugh:


Exxxactly! I spent about 50 bucks there one night…I think it was almost $10 a mixed drink. We went there in college once during August because we heard the Jacksonville Jaguars hung out there while they were in town for training camp:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
We never saw them.


Back when I was 15 . . . some um . . . well LONG time ago! :laugh: :laugh: I remember our tickets had a option on them that we could go to PI. One price to get in and then you could go in and out of the clubs as you liked. BUT, if you were under 17 you had to be with a parent . . . there was a good TS there, Fireworks Cafe or something? Anyone remember . . . yummy coleslaw. :laugh: Those were the days when they celebrated New Years every night.

I remember going on my honeymoon in '94 as well . . . and there were roaming servers selling shots in little test tubes . . . they were like $5 each!

Is memory serving me correctly . . . :blush:


Your memory does serve you correctly. Tickets did have an option for admission to PI. You also did pay one price to enter , and you could roam into all of the clubs. Those were the days! Besides the test tubes, many years ago, they had drink specials in water / squeeze bottles, with discounts on the refills. They were very expensive, but very good.


Aha! Just checked –

Backstreet Boys from Orlando, FL

The current members of the Backstreet Boys had their first big concert at SeaWorld Grad Night, just 2 weeks after Brian joined the group. For exposure the group continued working at local malls, Pleasure Island, area nightclubs and restaurants. Within 6 months of forming, they were considered to be one of Florida’s hottest acts.

I didn’t know who they were at the time :blush: but I’m fairly sure I saw them there once at PI in, like, 1994 or 1995, before they hit it big. Alas, I didn’t pay much attention… :blush:



Agreed…this was one of the few “adults only” places in the world, and now it will be gone. Boardwalk just doesn’t have the same feel. At least we will get to experience at our August trip. What will they try and ‘market’ now to the 20-somethings crowd w/out kiddos?

Prezcatz Paul


I’ve been busy and haven’t hit MB for a while. Glad I checked in today - PI closing :ohmy: - I had no idea. We’ve tried repeatedly to get there but haven’t been successful. It’s on our list again this year and now we’ll have to make it a priority. We’ve always wanted to hit the Adventurers Club and the Comedy Club and now that the boys have decided they want to go, this will be the year. Last Chance.

I can understand the revamp, in the daylight it all looks a little seedy, but I hope they incorporate the nightlife/club feel. It would be a shame if it was all more retail space and I think a more grown up “Disney” area has value.

Didn’t they just renovate the Adventures Club?? :huh:


I used to stroll through there at night when they had the options on our tickets. The only thing I ever really liked was The Adventurerers Club…very different and a lot of fun.


Good to know . . . cuz some days, well my memory plays tricks on me! :blush: