Closing Pleasure Island


Hi feelow MB members, i’m not sure if you know or if their was a thread on this but Disney plans I believe on shutting down the popular Pleasure Island. I was wondering on what you think theirgoing to replace it with, and if you have any comments! Thanks.

  • Justin


Only the six nightclubs are closing. A couple of restaurants, a cigar bar and a couple of clothing shops are staying open and they are changing the clubs into more shopping and restaurants including a “family friendly” nightclub. They are upgrading a lot at DTD. It’s good to see them going back to what they do best. Disney and nightclubs just do not mix.


Yea, I agree with you just wanted to know what’s going their. Like Disney is geared to families, and the clubs just wheren’t… I hated DTD honestly, I really didn’t like going their. Just wanted some imput from MB.

  • Justy


I didn’t really get to enjoy DTD until my kids were bigger. But once I did get there, I did have fun. I’m not much of a clubber, but Adventurer’s Club and the Comedy Club were terrific!


We might be in the minority, but we enjoyed PI. The Comedy Club, 8-Trax, The Beach Club and of course The Adventurers Club. It was nice to go for some adult time. You do not have to drink to have a good time, in fact, Sharon does not drink at all. It was nice to listen to the music, dance and relax after being in the parks all day. Now, if they close jelly Rolls, that will be it… no more Disney!!! (JK)


For a long time PI was competition for the local clubs in downtown Orlando too. We have friends who live in the area and frequently visited PI. So it wasn’t just for the vacationers either. The locals loved it too!! I myself never made it there but my DH did go one night with our friends.


We’ll myself have never been to PI cause I just didn’t find it like a good idea for me or my family. DTD did need more family friendly restaurants, so i’m kind of happy their closing! I will still miss those buildings though LOL.

  • Justin


They closed the clubs at PI in sept. They are supposed to put more resturants and shops in its place. If I remember there was a thread here about the closing.


Here is thread that has more infohttp://


The shops that were across from 8-trax, are being turned into a food court. Based on the name it will have a variety from different countries.

There is also going to be Latin American restaurant put in, although I didn’t see any activity a couple of weeks ago in regards to this restaurant.


I’m still very very sad they closed PI and took out all the good stuff. It was also a place for other kinds of families besides ones with small children! Just as there is Mickey’s ToonTown and the like for wee ones, there was a great place for older people too. I hope someday it is restored to its former glory.