Club 33 pics


I so want to eat here! Of course, so do the other 1,000s of people waiting years to be a member :P.






lucky Mr Incredible get’s to be in that secret haven 5 nights a week :tongue:
whines I wannnnaaaa goooooooo


HAHA! I wish I was only there five nights a week! More like 6 and sometimes 7! :eek: Usually for about 10-12 hours per day!

On a side note, I just worked my first shift as bartender a couple days ago! YAY!

Oh yeah, and I saw one of my dream girls (besides DW of course) in the Club…Scarlett Johansen!!!(sp)? She is so incredibly beautiful!!!


You get to bartend at Club 33…you get to see famous people…I want your job!!!

Tell us more!!


sigh I WANNA GO BACK!!! :crying:


You see celebrities there!!! I envy you so…


Yep, lotsa celebrities…Here’s the funny thing now…The first time I saw Ryan Cabrera in the Club, I was ecstatic, because he was my first celebrity. After seeing Scarlett, I could care less when he came in again the other night. I even talked with him for a few minutes–AND made him drinks! :mickey:


Not Fair! I Envy You So Much :wink:


P.S.: If Glenn Close comes in I want her autograph :slight_smile:


Awww, I wanna go to Club 33!! Any hookups for June 27th-30th? hehe, PLLLEEEEAAASSEEE! I know, I know, I’m dreamin… but hey, you NEVER know!


Well, I’ll say it.

I think, judging by those pictures, this place looks cheesy. :ninja:

They need to drop the panelling on the wall - makes it way too dark. And dear, are those velvet curtains?! :eek: The picture quality is off, so I can’t tell.


Wouldn’t that be nice? Um, yes, please pencil me in for the evening of June 28th (it is the day after my birthday). :wink:

That is awesome that Scarlett Johansen was in, I just love her!


I don’t think the curtains are velvet…and believe me it is NOT cheesy! Fits in very well with the theme of New Orleans Square.


It’s so funny to see Mmickey and Minnie walking around in that photo, like they are just there for dinner like everyone else!


And just eating in a place that Walt personally designed and made before he passed is amazing enough!


Yeah those pics are VERY dated. We just went through a two week rehab and the redid a bunch of stuff. It is actually quite elegant-the pictures don’t do it much justice.

You are right about the panelling though-in the Trophy Room. It is quite dark, but it is intended that way, as it was intended as a “lounge” for Walt and his friends.


That’s what I thought. I’m sure it looks much better up close in person. The only problem is that I will die before I get in there ;).


NOOOO! She is MY dream girl! :tongue:

But I think you really need to tell us more about the good times at Club 33!!! MORE-MORE-MORE! :wink: