Club level question


My family is staying at the Grand Floridian club level in the sugar loaf building and I have gotten some mixed messages. On some of the literature I received says wine is available others say wine is not available only at royal palm club in the main building. Does anyone know???



I stayed at Sugar Loaf in 2005 and wine WAS available in the evenings.


We were given a surprise upgrade to Sugar Loaf in August of 2008 and wine was served in the evening. There was a time when alcohol was only served in the Royal Palm Club (main building concierge) but that changed a few years ago. Of course anything, particularly concierge services and offerings, is subject to change at any moment these days. For the most up to date (and accurate) information about anything related to the Grand Floridian, check out If any of your questions remain unanswered there, simply click into their forums ( and you will receive a quick, accurate reply. Hope that helps. :mickey:


Thanks disyady!!! I didn’t know about that website it was really helpful.