Clueless on VMK, need some help!


Okay so after 3 1/2 years of DCing at work we now have DSL at home so I’m on the web at night too! :smile: So what is VMK all about. How do I get on? Is it a game? I’ve “heard” all of you talking about how much fun you have on there so I want to check it out but I’m clueless. Can I get a tutorial from y’all?


Better talk to queensmama, who is a savvy regular! wdwspider is a master of the game, but I believe he is about to have a baby girl named Olivia right now, so he may not be available for VMK help.

I would help you, but all I can seem to do is wander around! Good luck!


I also just got DSL in my new home and also am clueless on it please help


I am here! How may I help you.
VMK is a interactive game. There are games with in the game. Pirates (my favorite), Fireworks, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise and some space games that I avoid. With your earnings from the games you can buy stuff for your character and for your very guest rooms. There are also lands to visit and explore. These are mostly just social areas. Oh and dont forget about the hidden Mickey Quest.You can even earn magic for your character.
Let’s set up a date and time to get on and I will guide you through the wonderfully addicting world of VMK! Once you have friends on your list it is easy to find others and get help.
Start by making your character and then let me know so I can show you around.
I will also direct you to which is a sister site of ours where you will be able to find more information. I dont visit that much over there because the age group seems to be noticably different.


If you would only let me help you you would be on all the time. :tongue:


Is this similar to a streaming video or audio site? Our IS guys here monitor that stuff since it drows down the bandwidth (like I understand that).


You have to HS to even play, so I am guessing that is a definite.
Tigger or Spider would know for sure.


She is not kidding, she is the master! Oh, and a great teacher to!


Ah yes, the queen is VERY good at VMK…and beating me at the fireworks game…all the time…every time…LOL!!


Um what is HS? And what is the website to even log onto the game? That is how clueless I am!


I am a moderator at (our sister site). :happy:

Just had to throw that out there. Anyway… that site started out mostly adult, then a heavy wave of younger posters came in.

Now the posts have leveled to about a 60/40 ratio with the major adult posters being the mods and the chit chat area being mainly kids. :angel:

Anyway, a tour buddy is a great way to get introduced to the game and a good opportunity to learn where to buy or find tings and how to interact with stuff. I have had a down time from High Speed internet for several months now so I have not been on the game like I use to, but starting tomorrow I will be on Road Runner and making my big debut return to afternoon and weekend hours.

Queen forgot to mention there is a Music Mixing game that has some initial appeal but wears off quickly. The game is even complimentary to real Disney Trips. You have the opportunity to win vouchers good for real prizes at the parks, and you can do tours and things in the real parks to get exclusive items in the game. There are even outside games from Kelloggs and Disneyland’s wesite that allow you to play different web games (athough not that great of games) to win more exclusive prizes on VMK.


There are many threads here on DC: that talk about some of the earlier things in the game and even have some screenshots and whatnot for your enjoyment. Most of these posts were made before VMKingdom opened. But every once in a while people still find this somewhat hidden forum on DC and post a new topic. This thread should really be under the linked forum heading.

I recommend reading the Virtual Tour thread. Many new places have been added since that time though.


I wish I had the time to go back to the VMK and play with my friends…

#14 is the way to get there.
HS is my talk for high speed. :tongue:


Could Spider be returning to his glory days to challenge me for my VMK know it all title. :tongue:
I must admit that I forgot the Music Game, becuase I have never actually played it. :eek: It just seemed so unfun to me. :tongue:

We wish so too! :crying:


Go to the Music game and place one beat in and save it. When you exit you will get 100 credits for making a mix, then play it one time. You will get another 100 credits for playing music the first time.

200 easy credits just begging for you to take them.


I know that I never got those credits, but it is just a part of me cant do it! :pinch: I could play pirates, which I have over 500 wins now, a zillion times but that game just does not appeal to me whatsoever.


Okay I may give this a try one night at home. I’ll let you know if I create a character. Thanks for the help!


You know, I can’t remember the last time I played pirates…I think I’ll have to do that next time I’m on. :pirate:

I have spent a little time in the Dance Party Music Game as my avatar kind of gives away. :tongue: I’m still looking for that 50th play bonus.


Wait, are you serious? Just go do a note real quick. One note. Don’t worry about what it sounds like or filling up all the other boxes. Just place it in one box. Super Ultra easy credits.

Then find an empty room and play your mix once. It will take like 15 seconds total time for 200 credits.