CM nametags


DD found an old CM nametag on E-bay and wants to wear it on our trip to WDW. Would this be appropriate or are they going to go ballistic. It is from 2000 so I am sure they have new ones now but I don’t want to get her or us in any trouble or become thought of as a :pirate: .


I don’t think anyone would necessarily go ballistic, but I know Disney usually asks that you don’t wear things like that in order to avoid confusing other guests. (The same reason they don’t allow you to wear masks with costumes, even at MNSSHP.)


I dont think they will say a thing, especially not to a kid. You can buy a variation of CM name tags in some gift shops as well.


I don’t think they would confuse a 10 year old as a CM. :laugh:


have her wear it on her pin lanyard and not in the same spot the CMs wear it!


Brilliant! That would work out great!


If she’s 10, I’m sure it’s fine. :happy:


I dont think for a moment anyone would say anthing especially as it’s a child.


You could always buy her a Guest of Honor badge when you get there. My son has had one since 2004 and when he wears it the CMs call him by name.


OM, i want to get one of these for DD!!

can you get one at your resort gift shop??? if not there…then where???:laugh:


I haven’t looked for these in a long time and only a few shop actually have them. I think the Christmas shop at Downtown Disney made them, the 5 & 10 at MGM, and one of the shops along Main Street at MK.


We got those badges last time. She is really set on this one though. For those who are looking the GOH badge can be had at Orlando Outlet mall on Vineland and in the Disney Outlet store for around a dollar if they have them in stock. It has been a couple years but they used to have them.


I’d go with the GOH badge. I don’t think those CM badges are meant to be sold? Just doesn’t sit right with me.


It’s all about the magic and this is going to be really magical for her.


GOH badges had the best selection at Studios’ 5&10 last trip… and we got them in about half an hour.