CMO top 10 finalist!


Voting ends March 22nd. Who’s your favorite?!?!?!?

Disney Dream Jobs - CMO presented by - Live the Magic in 2008 - Disney CMO


I voted for Jennifer Sechler. She has great enthusiasm!


I voted for Jennifer too!!!


OMgosh, rlander- this guy is good.
Now I have to look at the one that Daisee chose :smile:

Ok, I have looked at all of them and I had to vote for Patrick.

I bet you voted for Jennifer because of that cute baby :wink:


ummmm… I choose Jennifer too.


Call me petty but Im not sure im going to even look at who is a finalist- I never even got a “thankyou for entering” and it took me all day to do mine- I think that Im sad and bitter now…sniff sniff sniff…Im going to go in the corner and cry all by myself now… sniff sniff sniff…I didnt want to win anyhow! sniff sniff sniff…


Okay, I had to spread my votes around. Meggin, Justin, & Jennifer… and then Patrick, because his video made me laugh out loud.


I liked Meggin also… I love how she carries her pixie dust bag around… then cleans it up!:laugh: :laugh:


I loved this link. I voted for Meggin Weaver; I just loved the way she was already making people’s dreams come true!!


I watched all of them and thought they were all good, so good I couldn’t decide who to vote for. As I watched each one I would think “This one, I’ll vote for this one, it has to be the best.” Then I would watch the next and think the same. Back to watch again…


Vote for more than 1 DT!:laugh:


I enjoyed watching them all but voted Jennifer and Meggin.


I’ve watched most of them…and I’ll have to watch the rest later…but some are REALLY good and others I was surprised that they made it. They seemed too simple. Anyone else feel like that??
I can’t pick a favorite yet some of them are really awesome!


I like David!!! That really got me laughing!


I did feel that way. Some were great. Then one of the women especially seemed to have ZERO personality- what was up with that? And a couple of the others had some cute special effects, but I didn’t like the people at all.

Like I said, I did cast several votes because I couldn’t decide between the ones I liked.


Funny, I discounted the ones that were too fancy. I don’t want to see special effects. I just want to see what the people really have to say about themselves.

I liked Meggin, Jennifer, Tripp, and Justin.


I voted for David. I loved at the end when he tried to be the fariey. Very funny.


I felt the same way as Bella, I can’t decide who to vote for. I was surprised at a couple who made it, the “radio personality” guy I was surprised at actually 'cause people would probably be wooed by his voice & personality… hello, that’s his JOB! :laugh: Otherwise, they are all great in there own way, just not positive I have a favorite. I think my :heart: still hurts a tad b/c I want to be Dream CMO. :crying: :tongue:


I rewatched all of them and I decided to vote for Meggin Weever. Her video was creative; she was enthusiastic, to the point, sincere, really seemed to LOVE Disney, & it seems like she REALLY would be happy just to bring dreams to people at the Disney parks.