CM's mandatory O/T


I have read many things on the internet about the mandatory overtime being imposed at WDW across all departments and wanted to know if any of the cm’s on here have any news about this. I have read instances of 6 and sometimes 7 12- hour days and even more. Is this true?


Not sure if it is true right now, but it is not uncommon at WDW. For the majority of my College Program (ten years ago now), I was on mandatory 6 day workweeks. And we worked a full shift on all six days, sometimes longer. I didn’t really mind because we were paid so little, it helped to make some extra $$!


I’ll be doing the College Program in August, and the same still holds true - on my application I had to say that I would be available to work weekends, holidays, and overtime. I believe they have 5-day work weeks now, though. (I could be wrong, but that’s what I’ve been reading.)

However… I’ve read a lot of CPers who have taken on extra hours on their own, not because they were forced to. I’m planning on doing the same thing. :slight_smile: And you do get paid extra for your overtime.