Cocoa Beach or Clearwater?


So today Tessa, Drew, and I are going to the beach. I haven’t been to the beach since arriving in Florida, so we determined today to be the perfect day. Only, I don’t know which beach is better. They are roughly the same distance. So which one do I choose? Is one better than the other? We are leaving in a few hours, so I need opinions fast because I really don’t know which to choose. Also, is one cheaper to visit than the other? That’s the most important thing! :happy:


We have been to both Cocoa Beach and Clearwater. We thought Clearwater was nicer, so I voted for Clearwater. Have fun today!


I’ve been to Cape Cavernal National SeaShore. It is beautiful and I think it is free. About an hour drive from here!!! Have Fun!!!


I’ve been to both and love them both. I think it’s a matter of what you’re looking for. As you know, Cocoa Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean, so if it’s surf you’re looking for, there’s your answer.

Clearwater is gorgeous and right on the Gulf of Mexico. Warmer water and less surf.

To tell you the truth, if I were going with you guys, I’d be indecisive too, as I love them both. I really can’t decide, so I’m not going to vote. :laugh:


cocoa beach…


Well with that description, I think you helped to solidify my choice…

CLEARWATER! :happy: As much as I love surfing, I am not going to be surfing today. I just want to lay in the sun and occasionally enjoy the water. So less surf sounds good.

Plus there are no tolls on the shortest route to get there. I hate paying tolls. :glare:

So I will be back tonight with lots of pictures! Thanks for the help and here’s hoping it doesn’t rain today (I don’t care what the weatherman says, it’s not going to rain because I am going to the beach!) :laugh:


Have a great day!!


So how did it go Ginger??


Well there was a little confusion, so the trip to the beach didn’t quite happen. It’s been postponed until it’s not so blasted hot outside and we can spend the day on the beach without getting heat sickness (long story, short ending).

So instead I went to the Poly and laid by the pool for a few hours. It was still nice. I have to get a good tan before I head home to visit in October to make my family jealous. :laugh:


That sounds even better Ginger! I’m glad you had a great time. :smile:


a tan from fa trip to lorida is always a nice thing…


You will have to try Clearwater beach… Also visit Treasure Island its really nice there as well. We lived in Port Charlotte and we always went to Englewood beach . We spent many weekends visiting different beaches. October and November were always our favorite beach months.


Ginger you might want to consider heading out this weekend to the east coast. The shuttle is going up and its something if you have never seen it close by its amazing. Its set for sunday at 4:29:55pm But you know the weather i doubt it will go.

As for what one is nicer, I like both, clearwater for the calmness and the pier, but it costs more to park, Coca just has a nice envioroment but no where near as calm.


Thanks for letting me know! I have always wanted to see a shuttle launch. Perhaps if things work out, I will be able to make it. Hopefully it won’t get postponed, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

Do you know how much it costs to park at Clearwater? I want to be prepared when I go. :happy:


Been a while since I went but I think I paid $5 to park at the pier, there may be other places as well. if you go to cocoa you can park for free, but you will have to look for a free lot.


I’ve always had a soft spot for Cocoa Beach. I’m thinking strongly about driving up for the shuttle launch. Hmmm, I think if I do, i might as well drive over to WDW afterwards. Gotta use that annual pass.


Even though this thread is a few weeks old… I want to chime in!

I live in Palm Harbor which is about a 15-25 minute drive to Clearwater beach, depending on traffic. I would take Clearwater over Cocoa Beach any day. But, the truth is… Whenever we go to the beach, I would head towards South Florida on the East Coast over Clearwater any day. Typically the water down their is a lot clearer and more beautiful. Anywhere from Stuart on down to South Beach Miami is just a great place to lay out, enjoy the sun, the sand and the pretty water.

I have lived in the Clearwater area for over ten years and lived down in Boca Raton for about three. I can count the number of times I have been to Clearwater beach and couldn’t even begin to say how many times I have been to the beach in South Florida. We go down to Miami at least once a year for the beaches. In fact, five of us will be down on South Beach this coming weekend!!!

Clearwater is nice and all. I do somewhat take it for granted that I live really close. But, I would make the drive south vs going East or West to Cocoa or Clearwater. That is just me personally, on my opinion. The truth is that Clearwater is still a great beach and regarded as one of the best in Florida. I just prefer everything South-East a lot more!


So yesterday I had to go to the eye doctor to get my glasses fixed. Afterwords I’m on 192, nothing really planed for the afternoon. There is a chance I may be moving to Melborne, So I decided to go out to Melborne and explore. I ended up driving through Melborne and up the barrier island to Cocoa beach, it took me about a hour and 1/2.

I still vote for cocoa and if you take 192 out its toll free and there is free parking.