Code for Photopass


Does anyone have one? I know taht if you preorder it there is already a discount, but a few months back Disney Visa offered an additional % off, but we were too far away from our trip. Anyone have a code for a discount?


I don’t think you need a code just go to the photo pass web site and sign in. My husband forgets how he did it. try that.


I can preorder without a code($99), but a few months ago Disney Vosa offered a code and it gave an additional % off ($84).


I did’nt get that code and I am a visa card holder. Did they e-mail that to you?


Actually, there is a thread around here somwhere, but I always seem to have trouble with the search feature! I am a Disney Visa holder and I did not get a code but someone on here published one about 3 months ago and I used it. Paid for the preorder, then someone said to check to see if I was too early to purchase, and when I did, apparently I was. (Nice that they don’t tell you before yo purchase that it is only good for a certain amount of time!)Long story short… I got a credit and now that I am almost 30 days out, I want to purchase it and I hate the fact that I was able to get it for $84 before but cannot now!!

So, Does anyone have a code?


Try this thread:


I used that Disney Visa code for the $84.95 right before it expired in June. I’m not sure if it might have been extended. I’m actually ordering my actual CD this week from our trip in Aug., so I’m hoping it all goes through OK. Fingers crossed!