Code Red Mouse head


Are we still using the Code Red Mouse head paint chip from home depot? I remember seeing something on here about using to point out a MB member. If we still are I’ll have DH go get me one sometime next week.


I have no idea, but it brings up the thought that Mickey or the Buzzers should maybe come up with another pin, something like we had when we were still called “Disney Central”


I like the pin idea!


The pin idea is great! I would love to bump into some Mousebuzzers!


That is a great idea.


Hey I like that idea. I would love to meet some fellow MB’zzers. I know there will be a few of us going at the same time so why not. Lets do it!!


I’ll do it then. If you like, we can try to meet I’ll pm you my cell number if you want.


Sure thats cool. We will be traveling with : Me,My DD(15),DS(8),DD(5) Dmom,Ddad,and DB. I woulf love to meet up with you and your family. Who will be traveling with you?


I’d buy a Mouse Buzz Pin!



I still have my Disney Central pin (first in the UK to own one with pictures to prove):biggrin: and wore it with pride even when DC became MB!
I was hoping a new MB pin would be released --hint hint:whistling


:mickey: Both DH & I would buy a pin :mickey:


I PMed mickey with a link to this thread and the offer of buzzers to help with the design, if he wants us to. Let’s see what he thinks :angel:


I kind of like the idea of the Code Red paint chip.


I think the Mousebuzz logo would make a great pin! I think it would stand out too! :mickey:


there ya go. We’re done designing. Let’s see if mickey goes for the pin idea:smile:


A big Mickey Thumbs Up! Perfect! I’ve never seen a “committee” decision made so quickly before. Although I guess it’s really just a nomination…

Votes anyone?


I 'll vote on it. it is a great idea.


I like the thumbs up! I vote YES! so…

please mickey; please? can we have a pin? :goofybounce:


I like it - count me in!


Count me in as well.