Coffee makers at Pop Century?


Are there coffee makers in the rooms at POP? I didn’t think that there was , but my DSIL called, and the CM said that there was. :huh: I don’t want my dad to end up drinking instant coffee because she is wrong. That would not be a good thing! :laugh:



We stayed at the Movies (another value resort) in January and there wasn’t a coffee maker-you might be able to get one at an extra charge.

We took our own- a small 4 cup brewer and pluged it in on the vanity outside the bathroom- it worked out great! I learned the hard way from the trip before to the Music. It’s worth packing one if you can


Thanks! My parents are driving down; so, it is no problem to take a coffee maker. I just did not want them to leave it behind because DSIL said that there was one in the room. I wonder why the CM said there was one? :blink: Maybe she called the wrong hotel! :laugh:


No there are no coffee makers in the rooms at PoP.


Just don’t forget the coffee and the filters! A coffee maker is no good without them


yes, there were none in the rooms three weeks ago… and my 79 year old mom is perterbed enough that she said she is writing a letter to Eisner about it…


Go MOM!!!


Wow, I cannot imagine ANY hotel room without a coffee maker these days. Pretty chinzy, IMHO