Coffee makers?


Hey all! Quick question… Do the moderates have coffee makers in the rooms?
I thought I remembered reading it somewhere but I can’t remember where so I’d thought I’d ask the experts! :happy:


I did a quick search and yes, the moderate resorts do have coffee makers. :happy:


Yes they do! At least POR did when I was there:)


They should.

Though, for some reason, the first time I read this, I thought you asked:

Do the moderators have coffee makers in their rooms?

And of course, they should, otherwise they could never be online 24/7 :laugh:


alot of my threads have been read wrong… I’m starting to think it’s me! First my Liquid Crayons (Carryon’s) Now this one… :laugh:

Thanks! I picked up some coffee in the pouches that you just throw into the coffee maker, to bring down with us. Since the Nescafe they serve is GROSS! :blow:


LMAO! :laugh:


I kow for sure that POFQ does. I don’t know about the others, but I am almost positive that they all do. They also have fridges.


Yes, they do, and yes, bring your own coffee! I speak from experience.


and bring lots of it…


Oh without a doubt bring your coffee. I hate the taste of the ones they give you in the room. When we stayed in POFQ we had a coffeepot but it was the small one so you might have to make 2 pots depending on how much you drink. And we had a fridge also so we would get like a 1/2 gallon of milk in the store at the resort so we didnt have to us thos coffeemate things they give ya (YUK)