Coffee mugs are back at DVC studios


Just got an email from DVC saying the coffee mugs are coming back.

"Thank you for contacting Disney Vacation Club.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us
regarding the glassware changes in our studios. We continually review
the cleaning practices in our resorts. Upon reviewing the dishware and
glassware washing process for the studio units, we realized that hand
washing wasn’t sufficient to meet our cleanliness standards.

Glassware and ceramic mugs in the studios were replaced with disposables
because dishwashing machines are not available in those units. We
wanted to take action quickly and using disposables was the most
expedient solution.

We have since determined that we will be able to provide glassware and
ceramic mugs at resorts where glass washing equipment is available.
This includes Disney’s Beach Club Villas, Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, The
Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas and
the Inn rooms at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

For all DVC stand-alone campus properties (Disney’s Saratoga Springs
Resort & Spa, Disney’s Old Key West Resort, Disney’s Hilton Head Island
Resort and the villas at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort) that do not have
glass washers available, we will continue to utilize the disposable cups
until we can source a more environmentally friendly product. We are
investigating the possibility of installing glass washers at specified
locations throughout the stand-alone campus properties.

The disposable cups are replenished upon request. If a Guest/Member
calls to request glassware, we will provide it and remove it upon
checkout. "

We are very happy not to have to brings mugs and dish soap with us on our trips.


Well, look at that. Ask and ye shall receive!


On another board :whistling lots of people were very unhappy about it. When I wrote to complain I mentioned one of the reasons we bought into DVC was not having to drink coffee out of a plastic mug. We have always gotten the drink mugs at disney (at the value resorts) , but never use them at home.


I am so glad they are changing this and will be trying to come up with more ecofriendly ways of handling the situation. This is great news. Who really wants to carry along our kitchen items as well when we are on vacation.


That’s what I love about Disney. They come up with immediate and efficient solutions to keep everyone happy.


Glad to see you got results!!


Disposables are certainly a pain, but I’m glad they realized they were being unclean. I’d rather have a disposable than an unsanitary mug!


That was a great letter –

I wonder if they actually do float some of these ideas across the Disney boards to see what the reaction is, so they can address any public relations nightmares before they get out of hand – or maybe they pose it as a rumor to see what people would think if it actually got put into action.

You know, an innocent post from a member is actually a fact-finding mission by a Disney employee! Cool thought anyway!


Wow. I’m impressed they changed policy so quickly.


This makes me happy. I’d rather drink out of a ceramic mug that I can wash compared to a synthetic-poison, plastic-leaching cup. :laugh:


Well, we used the cup for more than just drinking coffee. Heating up water for hot chocolate, instant soups, easy mac stuff. I just don’t think paper or plastic cups/bowls would hold up for those kinds things.


Wow, that was fast. I really don’t care either way but I know it was important to a lot of people so I’m glad it was changed back.


Wow - that explains a lot.

We were in the BCV last week and we were wondering were the mugs had gone. :confused: They reappeared at the Thursday trash and towel service.


Nice to see the take notice of what gets said!


This does not pertain to me at all, but I was very happy to see that the response was positive and handled quickly. I am glad that your letter made a difference.


WOW!!! That’s great!!
I still think I will prewash my stuff though…even at Disney!
Now…what else can we complain about…if it’s that easy…:wink::wink: