Coffee Pot question for CSR


Would anyone know or remember what kind of coffee pot is in the room? Is it the regular kind where you add the filter and then the coffee, or is it the kind that the coffee is already in the filter and you just slide it in? I would prefer the first choice. And would the “gold filter” instead of the paper filters fit in the coffee section? Come on get those memories going!! Thank You kindly!!! :huh:


Franco -
I think WDW all has the same coffee maker. The one with the filter and coffee together. I prefer the other way too. On another note: Your trip is SO close! I am so excited for you guys.


Cn’t say for sure Fraco but the one we had at POR was the first one, whereby you add the filter and the coffee. I think it’s gonna be luck of the draw i’m afraid buddy.
Have wonderful time though :happy:


In the photos on allearsnet they show little coffee makers. And they work like Dana discribed. But let me warn you, the coffee they give you there is a disgrace. It is so bad, I am actually willing to send you what we have here. It’s Wolfgang Puck coffee in the little coffee/filter pouches. It is very good and VERY fresh coffee. Starbucks makes it for them.
PM me and I’ll send you a weeks worth of it as a “Happy Disney Vacation” gift.


Sunbeam 3279 4-cup

CSR provides pre-measured filter packs. My DW just asks for extra but you can bring your own filters and coffee.


What Dopey said. The room coffee is aweful!!! I’ve found this to be true of all in-room coffee, not just at WDW. I think Buzz has the best solution. If you don’t want to run down to the Pepper Market, bring your own coffee and filters.


I look forward to Pepper Market coffee myself. :smiley:


Ohhh - you are going to me favorite resort in just 5 days!!! I am sooo jealous!!! The Pepper Market coffee is VERY good - the in-room coffee is what the others described and it’s yucky!


As much as I like my coffee first thing in the morning, that stuff is gross. One of us always gets dressed and goes down to buy real coffee instead.


Gee, thats a tough one, I wonder who will be getting up to get coffee?? DUH!!! :glare: :glare: :glare:


It’s so funny when I read that CSR is everyone’s favorite resort!! I remember a few years ago, back in 02 - when no one liked it, and everyone’s favorite was the Carribbean! Now, no one ever talks about the Carribbean! LOL!

The coffee is just as everyone said it is, but I just can’t wait for you to go and enjoy the CSR! It’s the best moderate resort!


I’ll go back farther than that, 1997 when it opened…well almost. I stayed there in 4/98. When I returned is, I started to frequent any and all Disney forums I could find. I was praising CSR but I couldn’t find many that agreed. I found one guest that had a website dedicated to CSR and I joined his quest to getting the good word out about CSR. He shut down sometime in 2000 and I created my website to continue spreading the word. I know my site has helped hundreds to give CSR a try.

It’s like anything. Most guests are loyal to their first resort and know that CSR has been around for almost 10 years, it has developed its own following.