Coffeemaker at Pop century?


Can I get a coffemaker from housekeeping at PC, or will I need to bring my own? I really only need it for hot water for my oatmeall. I guess if I can’t get one I could always schlep to the food court in the morning for it. (I’m always the one that has to go and get the coffee and hot cocoa anyway-LOL) I just thought it would be nice if they had them available.


I’ve never stayed at Pop, but have stayed at the All-Stars a few times, and I don’t recall there being any coffee maker. I think you’d either have to bring you own (if you drive) or go to the food court for the hot water.


No there are no Coffe Makers @ the Pop-Centry I checked the official web site. But im sure there wont be a problem just let your cup sit outside of your room, it should boil in minutes, Hehe little florida humor. But it wouldnt hurt calling and asking. Have fun in WDW my friend


I brought my own (and a little toaster too) last year for our ASmusic stay. It worked well for me toaster wise- but I never used the coffee pot- I just went to our food court every morning and filled up my Disney Mug. The toaster was great though- I made the boys little bagels to go every morning as to not waste time getting into the park.