Coincidence? I think not!


So, my very good friend and her family have been on their first vacation to Florida for several days now. She was going to “wing” the trip without really planning where or when they would see things… (YIKES)!

This morning, I got an incredibly strong urge to call her to see how things are going. I really did not want to interrupt her trip but you have to believe me when I say that I could not contain myself. :laugh:

She answers laughing… apparently, I called just as she was literally entering Magic Kingdom- my most favorite place on earth! She says, how in the world did you know where I was at this moment? Now she [I]really[/I] thinks I am a Disney nut with magical powers! Good news is that I heard the music and chatter! I little touch of pixie dust to start my day!

Anyone else have strange happenings regarding Disney?



Last year I was driving home from work, a good 1,300 miles from WDW… and heard The Lion Sleeps Tonight on my car radio, all I could think about was being at POR and listening to the Piano Bob show at the River Roost Lounge there, he does the Lion Sleeps Tonight and has the audience join in! I get home and am just about to tell my wife about this when the phone rings, and it’s a friend of ours who lives near WDW and goes there often. She asks me to just listen, and I hear Piano Bob doing the weeem-uh-waaaps from The Lion Sleeps Tonight, she was at his show!!!

Good stuff!


Oh that IS weird!!! LOL!
Keep em’ coming!


I think that’s cool and you should have told her that you were magical and knew where she was and what she was doing…tell her the characters are watching her…lol