Coke tasting


does anyone know if there is still a coke tasting place at epcot?


Yes, and may I suggest that you try the Beverly. It’s great.



[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1066438]Yes, and may I suggest that you try the Beverly. It’s great.


I second that!


The Beverly really is the most delicious! A family fave!

You will find “Club Cool” near the fountains in Future World. It used to be called Ice Station Cool. Same Coca-Cola tasting stations inside, but without the neato icy entrance.


I remember having one that made my cheeks pucker so much I turned red, it was just terrible. But you know I offered it to everyone in my family, “taste this it tatses so bad” and they all did. I think that is the best part! I think that one was from Japan. CRAZY!!!


And your shoes sticking to the floor is free!!


That’s the part I remember the most!


It’s like they never want you to leave!


My husband says that washing the Beverly down with a lemon cupcake is absolutely fantastic! ROFL!

  • it really was an accident- the only thing I had in my bag at the time!*


Yep, no matter when you go there, your shoes will definitely stick to the floor.:biggrin:


Oh the Cool Club<3 lol.


china watermelon is my favorite


Beverly is a must drink every trip! Love the stuff!


I have a friend that used to work in Club Cool and she said people would constantly complain about the sticky floor and ask them to mop it. It was usually as their child was pouring coke on the floor… :laugh:

I agree, the Beverly is a must!


I still say this is Coke’s joke on us! This stuff is “less than good”, trust me. There are other flavors at the Atlanta museum too that are questionable.


I’ve been to Epcot 4 times and have never found this…I must say I’m not sure the Beverly is really good…you are all far to enthusiastic about me trying it…:rolleyes:


I wonder how Beverly would work as a mixer?:confused:

Jack and Beverly anyone?


You are correct. The fun is having your unsuspecting family members try it while you roll the video. You Tube Beverly Coke and you find out what I am talking about.


This is a good time for the Boss to comment. :laugh:


Ah a fellow MBer looking out for me:blush:Thanks