Coke Zero


Does anyone know if they have Coke Zero in the parks yet?




I know they do in bottles at the resorts and machines.

I don’t remember any restaurants having it. I only remember regular Diet Coke in the fountain at Beach Club and Wilderness Lodge.

We’re Diet Dew drinkers but Coke Zero is our second choice since we can’t get Pepsi products at WDW.

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Do the DEW. Drives me crazy when I cannot get on on a hot afternoon unless we are back @ the unit.


I don’t recall seeing it in the parks, either.

(I think I’m the only person in NC that doesn’t drink Mountain Dew!)


Have only ever seen Diet coke in the machines not coke zero!


It’s right next to the Dr. Pepper.


You can get it in Ice Station Cool (or whatever it is called these days) in Epcot.


Lol…the only part about WDW I don’t like is that I have to go DDDDAAAYYYYSSSS without a DP!!! I was, however, a happy camper to get Pibb at Mara in AKL last month…:smile: (It’s close enough to a DP!)


Secret location for Pibb: Drink machines outside HS gates. (That was year before last, but maybe it’s still there.) DD#2 always misses her DP.


Nope…it’s my favorite drink and it’s not at the CS or restaurants yet. It is in the vending machines like Disney Teacher mentioned.