Coke Zero


Can anyone tell me if they have Coke Zero available at disney?


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen bottles of Coke Zero, but I can’t say whether or not it’s available in fountain dispensers.

If I had my way, I’d have Cherry Coke as a soda choice everywhere.


I have had it in the food couts.


Gasparilla Grill & Games in the Grand Floridian has both fountain and bottled.


They did have it at Pop Century Food Court 2 years ago.


Food courts definitely have it and I’ve seen bottles in some of the grab and go markets.

Earl of Sandwich had bottles last time I was there.


We buy a lot of Coke Zero at WDW. We’ve found it in food courts and bottles.


I was pretty sure I’d seen it in the food courts as well, but I didn’t want to say for sure without being certain.
I’m an iced tea drinker myself, so I’m pretty happy with the Gold Leaf tea they’ve now got.
That said, I avoid soda as much as possible, and that’s why I didn’t really know if I was remembering something I hadn’t really seen.