Cold Cold Cold


It is so cold at WDW they cancelled the Spirit of Aloha dinner show for Jan 6th and 7th. Now that is cold.


Wow they cancelled it!


It is posted on




hahahaha i agree with you on that!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Ha! Sounds funny, but I don’t think I could enjoy sitting outside and watching a tropical themed show in these temps.

And think of the poor performers dressed in skimpy costumes??? :ohmy:


Actually makes me feel a little warmer inside knowing that it’s almost as cold in Orlando as it is in Windsor. :ninja:


It was cancelled on the 5th also, as my Brother and Sister in Law had reservations. Got a call the night before saying it was cancelled.


I have to say I agree. With the amount of snow I’ve shoveled here this winter, I don’t feel too sorry for them! Okay, I’m a little sad for the oranges.:happy:


What do people do when their reservations are cancelled? Are they able to book somewhere else, or do they end up having to do a quick meal. I would think that would be so disappointing to not get at a favorite restaurant on a trip.


Wow! That is amazing…I feel bad for them in the skimpy costumes, could you imagine performing in your bathing suit in the cold?


We’ve only had a couple of inches this winter here in Southern Ontario, so I’m not so worried about the snow part. It’s the cold that I can’t stand. Last night my sister was talking about hitting Shoppers Drugmart and my mom said it was to cold out to do it. I was like… hey it’s Disney cold up here right now so it’s not that bad. :laugh:

Always feel bad for the orange farmers though. I will never forget going down in 1986 and my parents were shocked how many orange groves were gone as compared to when we drove down in the late 70s.


We had a heat wave today in NEPA- it hit 32 this afternoon.