College Program Book


Got a new book from ******.com about WDW and the College Program. Loved it. Curious to see what others thought.

My review of the book:

Overall: There are 9 chapters including an interesting Foreword, Preface, Afterword and Glossary. The chapters include:

  1. Calling All Students
  2. Checking-In
  3. Mouse-Washed
  4. Earning
  5. Living
  6. Learning
  7. Escape
  8. Checking-Out
  9. The Journey that Changed Me

Strengths: The 184-page book is an easy read and I enjoyed the style. Direct quotes from cast members are separated with Italics and the information is very well organized. The content is very funny. I thing I realized is that this book discusses the College Program, but it still is Disney and both are nicely intertwined. The author, Wesley Jones, briefly touches on the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion, September 11, 2001, attacks, the WDW Hurricanes and more. I expected the book to be negative about Disney, but I was wrong. Jones looks at the good and bad, all sides of the College Program. A lot of the material left me laughing and this was the biggest strength. A fun read and a must for every Disney fan and College Program alumni or hopeful!

Weaknesses: There were no pictures, which would have helped illustrated a few of the ideas discussed in the book. I was hoping for a few more secrets about WDW and some more in-depth material, like Mouse Tales provides. Jones never really dives into the dirty stuff of the park. The closest is when he talks about the “Zoo” at the Magic Kingdom, but even that is discussed on the behind-the-scenes tour. And he never goes into detail about the “Zoo” or what really occurs beneath the Magic Kingdom…he just hints at it. He also left out any mention of the Disneyland version of the C. Program.

Overall: I recommend this book and give it high marks!


No offense, but first post here, and it is an advertisement for a book released yesterday. Hmm, sorry, I had to delete some of your information. PM me if this is a valid post.