College program


Merry christmas, happy holidays . my daughter is leaving Jan 9 for the disney program any last minute tips, advice or warnings you can give would be appreciated . she comes home in may we leave to go down for june 1


I have no tips… just wanted to say best of luck to her. I’m sure she will have a great experience from what I have heard!


Good luck to your daughter! She will have the time of her life!

My last minute tip is to not go too overboard with packing every last thing she needs (especially if she is flying down like I did). I took what I could, my parents sent me a box with some other stuff and I bought anything else I needed for relatively cheap at WalMart. It was hard for me to pare down my stuff because I was the girl who brought everything she owned with her to college but it was worth not having a TON of stuff down in Florida, especially when it was time to go home.


Encourage her to enjoy every minute, and take advantage of as many opportunties she can. Also slipping in some extra money is always apreciated!:blush:


how much??? we are thinking $300.00for her to go donw on a prepaid credit card. with fifty or so in cash for the taxi is this enough for a taxi from the airport to the place they meet with first day or should i give her more? if so how much??? I m getting really nervous… can u tell.