College Rep Program feeds my PDD!


The CPer’s are coming! The CP’ers are coming!!! :noo:

There will be a College Program presentation at my school Thursday evening, and I am planning on going and ask the recruiter about becoming a campus rep. Maybe FINALLY I can give back to the Disney that gave to me! :wub:

Has anyone here even been a campus rep? Is it a terribly difficult task? (It doesn’t sound like it, but I am usually very busy with school work and I don’t want to be torn…) All I know is I need an excuse to talk about my experience in the program, I have a mostly positive outlook for it (we can ignore the roomate situation, lol!), and you get free disney tickets!

So! YAY! Maybe this will help ease my PDD if it works out!


I had a friend who was a campus rep, and she never complained about it being too much trouble. Good luck!


I am hoping to be a rep once I finish the college program. It didn’t sound like too much work, and the perks are awesome!!!


Isn’t tigger a campus rep? I thought I remembered reading that on DC somewhere before… I could be wrong…

Screever, that would be AWESOME!! I hope your talk with the rep goes well! :slight_smile:


No, I don’t think it’s Tigger but I just can’t think who right now. I want to say its someone in SC or NC.

Screever that does sound like so much fun!


Am I perhaps thinking of downsouthtigger?
Or downsouth-someone…
I have the worst memory ever, honestly…


it is downsouthtigger!
He hasn’t posted in awhile, but he pops up every once and awhile