College spring break crowds?


I’m heading to WDW with the fam and DH’s coworker & her fam next Fri/Sat/Sun. I know that the usual spring break times are quite busy (closer to Easter, when public schools are on break), but has anyone had experience with late-March and college spring break crowds? The university where I work will be on spring break the 15th through 19th and I’m not sure what to expect. Kinda hoping that the college students will be drinking their way around the world while I’m at AK and MK doing kiddie attractions with my girls!:wink:


Not sure what the crowds would be like during college break. Would have to say more that age would be interested in going crazy than going to Disney. Maybe Im wrong but I think you will be safe.


Canadian Elementary Schools and High Schools are on Spring Break the week of March 15th, so there will be many Canadian travellers that week, but our Universities/Colleges have break the end of February, so you won’t have to worry about them.


We used to go around that time of the year and had no problem. But you are going on the weekend and weekends tend to be busier.


I went to Disney during my college spring break and I didn’t think it was that busy, just moderate crowds. Also, around here all schools are out for spring break next week, including public schools.


I am kinda thinking, and this is just personal thought here, that with all the deals Disney is giving, that maybe crowds are light this year all around? I have been able to get hard reservations on one of the busiest days of the year, there are deals more than ever, and I just don’t see the talk this year that we have over every other year of going to the park. Am I wrong anyone? I hope your trip has light crowds!


We are going the week before Easter, and for a while I was in panic mode, because of all the past years, everyone was saying how crowded it was, and parks at maximum capacity. I read somewhere that the crowd level is always a 10 at Touringplans, but this year, when I got to touringplans, it show our week at a level 7, and the following week at a 9. So I agree, I believe the many who would normally go during this time is taking advantage of all the great deals and going at different times.


The parks are going to be busy the next few weeks to Easter. No Question. I worked at Studios all week long this week and watched it progressively get more and more full everyday. Which was fine by me cause I love a huge crowd to watch Block Party :tongue:


Well, I knew it was too good to be true. I just re-checked They changed the week I was going from 7’s to 9’s and 10’s!!! I’m not telling dh though. He’s not good with crowds, so why worry him until we get there!


Thank you for the feedback, folks. I had a feeling that RowdyRAider’s (who, btw, has the same name as my DH but has him beat when it comes to walking on stilts) observations of bigger crowds would be the case while we’re there next weekend.

As for the other Disney deals spreading out the crowds throughout the year…I’ll be interested to see how it goes over the usual busy times this year and see if this holds true. I know it’s been CRAZY crowded the last few times we’ve gone compared to all other Januaries/Februaries that we’ve been. Maybe the # of “Give a Day, Get a Day” guests will start to dwindle some, but my guess is that school break periods will still see higher crowds, because a lot of people still have to schedule their vacations around the school calendar.

Beth, if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t noticed much of a correlation between the Touring Guides crowd calendars and actual crowds. I’ve been checking the wait times app on my iPhone this week though, and some of them do seem to be getting a little longer.


I thought I was the only one in the family that hated crowds! When you guys get there, tell DH to find a very large cold beer somewhere and chill:laugh:


I don’t even have to tell him that…it’s a given (at least for the beer part). For the chill part…NEVER!


From previous posts I would say hit the Hess Mart just a walking distance from DTD, second stop. It on my list for cold ones!!!


As my time gets closer (August 22 - 31), you will have to let me know which days you work. I will be with my DF and her son (6) who has never been to WDW and we will most definately want to see you in the parade.


Absolutely girl!


when i go it’s packed do to how many go south for the winter