Coloring pages/activity sheets


In making the activity book for the kids’ trips I’ve come across some coloring pages. You could find them using the links on the pages for the journal I posted before but it takes some looking around.

I’m really having a great time getting this stuff ready.
There are all sorts of characters on this page and many different coloring pages as well as some connect the dots and some mazes.

And this site has some different characters for coloring pages too:

I hope the kids like these and use them after all the effort of putting them together.


Thanks Chris, I will start using these links this week .I need to make one for Kaitlyn for our trip in June .


I just finished making my DS’s journal from the link provided earlier on The Mouse For Less. I can’t wait to help him complete it. His principal is a Disney fanatic also and I hope he will be excited to read it, along with his teacher.

Thanks again for the link.


I just finished printing out the Kid’s Journal from Mouse for Less and the Homework pages for my DD. I’ll also be giving them to her Kindergarten teacher for this coming year. She had my DS and I know she’s a Mickey Mouse Fanatic.

Don’t forget to check out the links on the page for the Journals there that will take you to Activity pages. You can build your own word searches and mazes. Plus they have some already done for WDW rides and characters.

Good Luck.


I’ll have to check out the word searches and mazes for the plane ride. My DS loves them. I didn’t check out enough on that site.



hey cahogbin, i have found this check if it is helpful for you