Columbia harbour house


so, how’s the clam chowder? is there really no fish sandwich?

DH and I are debating this one - clam chowder is a plus, but he would want the soup/sandwich combo except he wants fish.


I think Llama always raves about their Tuna sandwich. Is that fishy enough?


no - he won’t even think about tuna salad. he really doesn’t even like grilled or any other kinda tuna. crazy man!!


:huh: :huh: :blink: craaaazy man :blink:


he has to be, to counterbalance my non-craziness you know!!


I had the tuna…it was YUMMY!

But since he won’t eat it I guess that doesn’t help much…


Its like a hidden secret. Not so crowded and the food was good. after 10 days of bergers, pizza, ect it was a good change. Tuna was good.


When ever we go there we go to the Columbia Harbour House. The clam chowder is very good IMO.


The fish was good also.


Well - it’s no sardine sandwich, but it is delicious!:laugh:


mmm…sardine sandwiches - sounds great, but needs some cheese on it!


I LOVE the clam chowder! One of my favorite places to eat. The soup/sandwich combos are great!


OH MY GOSH, DH and I tried Columbia House for the first time several years and now we eat lunch there EVERY trip. The tuna fish sandwich is SOOO good and I love the chilli too!


They have a very nice salad there, too, that’s refreshing on a hot day.


We eat there just about every trip!


I find that after eating at all the other places and feeling full and sluggish, this place is a refreshing change.


Very true - it has some delicious healthy choices.