Come along and sing a song and join the jubilee!


[B]Walt Disney Pictures’ The Princess and the Frog is celebrated in grand Magic Kingdom style[/B]

[B]This month[/B], something unprecedented will happen in Magic Kingdom® Park—the magic, music and mirth of an upcoming Disney animated feature will come to life—before the movie itself premieres!

Walt Disney Pictures’ eagerly anticipated big-screen event, The Princess and the Frog, opens nationwide on December 11. But starting October 26, the exuberant spirit of The Princess and the Frog will be celebrated in a spectacular live musical Magic Kingdom extravaganza called Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee—plus you’ll be able to meet Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen in person for photos and autographs!
Marilyn Magness— Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Director, Parks & Resorts Entertainment —told us, “It’s a spectacular celebration on the Rivers of America with Tiana, our newest princess; Naveen (not as an enchanted frog, but as a real live prince); Dr. Facilier, the evil villain and Louis, the trumpet-playing alligator—along with musicians, singers and dancers.”

How does it happen? Just imagine…

You’re standing somewhere between Frontierland® and Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom Park. In the distance, the sound of New Orleans-style jazz wafts through the air. Soon it’s as if a party is going on! A high-energy procession of performers comes dancing and singing down the path. You and the other Guests gather as the action moves near the Liberty Belle dock.

The Captain says the riverboat will be departing momentarily for Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee—to head on down the bayou and celebrate. The Liberty Belle, decked out in dazzling color like something out of a classic Hollywood musical, floats to the tune of “Gonna Take You There,” one of the brand-new songs that Oscar®-winner Randy Newman created for The Princess and the Frog. You follow along the shore until the riverboat pauses near the Splash Mountain® bridge.

You spot Princess Tiana on the riverboat, expressing her feelings in song with “Almost There,” as dancers spin and flip their parasols. The theme seems to be following and achieving your dreams, because Louis sings about his wish to leave the alligator life behind in “When I’m Human.” Almost everyone on the Liberty Belle seems to be popping out with giant musical notes and colorful instruments. There’s pure elation in the air, until&

The nasty Dr. Facilier appears on the roof! He says he’s here to interrupt the party with “a little parlor trick.” He’s brought along his creepy friends from the “other side.” Through his misguided magic, the whole ship seems to undergo a spooky transformation!

Will the powers of goodness and niceness prevail?

Of course! In the classic Disney dream-come-true tradition, Tiana and Naveen emerge triumphant. And the song is a triumph, too: a rousing Gospel showstopper called “Dig a Little Deeper.” Tambourines abound. You can’t help bobbing along to the beat. It’s one big, snazzy show brimming with the joy of Mardi Gras!

At journey’s end near the boat landing, the performers wave goodbye to everyone as the grand group disappears, singing and dancing all the way, musically into the Frontierland horizon. But as it sometimes happens in fairy tales, some magic only lasts for a limited time. Your chance to enjoy Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee disappears January 3, 2010.

Wanna meet Tiana?

“As a character, Princess Tiana is not the helpless or vulnerable princess waiting to be rescued,” said Marilyn, “She’s got her own mind made up about what she is going to do.”

In addition to the show, Tiana will be looking forward to meeting Magic Kingdom Guests like you and your family throughout the day in Liberty Square. Prince Naveen will also make personal appearances.

For Marilyn, helping create Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee was a labor of love that began when she previewed the film. She ended up watching it eight times. “I fell in love with it. And I love the message: You can wish hard on that wishing star, but you have to work hard, too. Dig a little deeper. That’s the sort of thing we always do here at Disney. Princess Tiana is an inspiration to us all.”

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I am so dissapointed… we leave WDW on the 24th!!! Maybe they can start it a few days earlier for me?


This sounds AMAZING. I can’t wait to see it!!! :wub:


Maybe they’ll do a soft opening . . . you never know . . . ask around when you are there! :happy:


Cool, sounds like a lot of fun!


A agree - so many attractions and shows have soft openings that I would think there is a chance, but certainly no guarantee, that you might see it.

If you do get to see it please let us all know what you think!