"Come Home" online commercial?


Does anyone know where I can find the “Come Home” Disneyland 50th Anniversary Commercial? Its the computer animated one where all of the characters are coming home to Disneyland. I can no longer find it on www.DisneyDestinations.com and didnt know if anyone knew of any other spot where I could find it. Thanks! :smile:


Here is a link to it I think:


Full Screen:


Here it is, the worlds smallest Disney Commercial LOL: :laugh:


I’d forgotten all about that commercial. It’s so awesome… Thanks for reminding me…


I also have it as an .avi file. The High Res file is just over 16MB. If you want it PM me and I will email it to you. :smile:


oooh ready2go I’ve love you to email me that also, I had been trying to download it off the Disney site but I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks! :mickey:


I already came home… :sad:

Maybe I need to come home again?!?!? :wink:


Those commercials make me feel all warm and fuzzy!


Ok Tessa just PM me your Email. And this is a very large file at 16.2MB so it will take around 10min to download on a high speed connection .:smile:


AGGHHHH Lil, There’s something wrong with your avatar!


Loved it!! Just watched it 2 times!! I’m going home soon!! spinning, spinning


Haha! You are too funny!


If you don’t mind me saying, you do! :tongue:


I just may have to “come home” again when I go to Vegas in March… :tongue:


I may have to “come home” this weekend! :happy:


Oh goof maybe this time you will let me come with you??? Well i love this commercial and my brother thinks he can make it into my Background on my computer!!! yea that would be so cool


:heart: DITTO, DITTO, DITTO and I am leaving on my jet plane for WDW on 01/29/06 YIPPIE SKIPPIE :tongue:


Well actually I need to clarify…it is NOT my jet plane but JET BLUE’s hahaha :redface:


I was about to say…hey you take some of your DC friends on your plane can’t ya? :wink:


OK, FINE, I’ll admit it…

that “holiday snow globe” one really did bring a tear to my eye. :crying:

What’s my countdown at? I want to go to DL N-O-W!!!


Pardon me for hijacking the thread, but does anybody know how to get the old commercial about “The Shoe”? It’s where the girl thinks the guy is going to propose and he hands her a shoebox. It turns out to have a glass slipper inside. My DW loves that one and I can’t find it anywhere.