Come on JetBlue and Southwest!


Open the new dates!

Anyone know when the new dates are out?


I got this from the SWA page:

Now accepting reservations through August 13, 2010.
On March 23, we will open our schedule for sale through October 30, 2010. This date is subject to change. Please check back frequently.


March 23rd…waiting to see them too before I book my airfare. I found R/t for $306 for me and Sara on, but you have to pay an additional $90 for luggage and another $50 for our seats…that makes it $446 r/t. As much as I want to fly out of Atlantic City, if SW has a great fare for under $446, I’m taking it…bags and seats are free…woohoo


I too an waiting for SW to post the new dates…I hate having to stalk them, but I am getting pretty good at it though. Last time I booked the day they opened and got $59 each way.