Come see my Disneyland movie!


So Jen made a REALLY awesome “Girl Trip” movie & I was so impressed it inspired me to try my hand at video making myself. :tongue: I would LOVE for you to see the Disneyland movie I made, all photos were taken from our trip this past June and all of the music is from the “50th Celebration” CD I got last year.

I hope it turned out good & you like it! :blush:

PS: like Jen said about the “Girl Trip” movie, when you upload these kinda things on to the internet it compresses the heck out of your file. Unfortunately the photos aren’t showing as crisp or clear as they really are so I apologize for that.

It’s 5 minutes long!! Tell me what you think! :happy:

Video of DisneylandSlideshow2007 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


very nice wishy (inserting applause)… everyone on here is really raising the bar on trip reports!!! if i end up going in oct or nov, which is in the talking stages…i’m gonna be feeling the pressure to cough up a serious TR :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Well done Jess. I guess the only way I’m going to see Disneyland is through others pictures, and yours are outstanding. The music was fun too. Can’t believe your back 2 months already. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Very enjoyable.


I know, I can’t believe it was 2 months ago already too :sad: I wanna go back!!!


Creative and entertaining! I loved the fun fades and the music. Especially the “meet me on main street song”…:wub:


Wish… great job! I absolutely LOVE the music, especially the last song… kinda brings tears to my eyes. :crying:

I saw lots of smiles from Daniel…:wink:


Great job! I loved your music selection. You have had a great year; lots of trips.
Oh and great job drawing Mickey.


Great job! I, like Daisee, just love that last song…it always takes me back…sigh


Great job and thanks for sharing with us.


I love it!!! I could look at those pictures over and over again!! I esp. love the ones of the fireworks with the partners stature in the foreground!!


Thanks for sharing Wish. I really enjoyed looking at the pics.


Excellent job. Great photos and music selection.
Question, was it difficult to do?


awww, Wish, that was beautiful. Thank you!


Really great! I truly enjoyed it. Thanks as always for sharing. You are so photogenic.


Thank you. :blush: I keep watching over and over… I want to go back. :sad:


Very cute, Wishy!! I loved it!
I can’t believe you have been back for 2 months either!!