Comedy Show


This is just a random post to rant and rave about the comdey show on pleasure Island, just in case there was anyone out there thinking about going to it,and you just arent sure. It is an improv comedy show. I watched it 3 times in a row. Its different every time. It is just like the “Who’s line is it ,anyway” show. They take ideas from the audience and everything. For example they were doing one about “the worst jobs” and someone yelled out “hotel receptionist” . One of the comics was a lady,and she stepped forward, and pretended to be writing on a piece of paper, and the imaginary phone rang , she picked it up and in the most awful sounding “smokers voice” said “its a magical day at the all star resort, what do ya want !!!” . then she hung up, and looked up like someone was standing in line in front of her and she gave the “one minute” signal by holding up one finger, then went back to writing on her imaginary paper, she gave the one minute sign a couple more times then busted out saying “sir, youre gonna have to wait, this is the all star , where do you think you are…the grand floridian ???” she was a hoot. Its one of the things Im really looking forward to seeing again. I never laughed so hard. They also serve drinks during the show. They take your order before the show starts and bring them to you shortly after it starts. There isnt abad seat in the house, its all stadium seating, with the exception of a few tables on the floor for the early birds who are one of the first people in line. I sat in the stadium seating and on the floor at on of the tables…honestly, the stadium seating is more comfortable, you dont get a cramp in your neck, trying to look up at the stage to see the comdians. I strongly recommend seeing the show. Its great.


Unfortunately, Pleasure Island has closed down. I am assuming the comedy club closed with it. It’s a shame I really enjoyed PI and never got to see the show.


WHATTTTT ??? pleasure Island closed ??? Why ? When ? So everything is gone ? The dance clubs, the comedy club ? Virgin music store ? Everything ? Thats Horrible !


It is closed down :frown: . Its def. something I will miss. However, I’ve been when it was reallly bad too and I think that hurt their business alot. If the last time I went was the first, I would have never gone back… it was terrible!


Pleasure Island closed down a few months ago. Here is an article about the closure.
Pleasure Island FAQ
But, the Virgin Mega Store is in the West Side of Downtown Disney…that part is still open. It’s just the Pleasure Island section that closed.


Im devastated. I was soooo looking forward to going to the comedy show. It was great.


I know how you feel. I still get :crying: when I think of no more Adventurers Club. It was my favorite. Hopefully Disney will role out something new and even better.

Random Fact since you’re such a fan: Wayne Brady actually got his first paying gig at the Comedy Club at PI! A few months back he made a guest appearence, but I didnt hear about it until it was too late. Lots of people from my work went though. .


Wow…that would have been cool to see wayne brady there.


Baloo and I went to Pleasure Island the very last night it was open. We had always wanted to try Adventurer’s Club and never got around to it… so when we heard PI was closing, we tried to schedule our trip so that we could hit it. Unfortunately, it was the last night, so it was packed… there was no chance of getting into Adventurer’s Club. (of course they didn’t tell us THAT when we paid for our tickets!! :pinch:)

But we found out that our AC tickets also let us into the Comedy Warehouse. We figured we might as well do something with our tix, so we jumped in line for the first show. It was AMAZING!!! We had heard nothing about it, so I was expecting a show trying to imitate “Whose Line”… but it totally kicked “Whose Line” 's butt!!! :laugh: It was awesome. It’s a shame it’s gone. :crying: