Comfort Inn Lake Buena Vista


Has anyone stayed at the comfort inn lake buena vista? Is it clean? We are looking for somewhere to stay one night before we head over to PC.


oh man hasn’t anyone stayed here.


I stayed there about 9 years ago and it was fine for a lower cost hotel (I think I paid around $30.00 per night in November, 1996. I checked it out on Trip Advisor and it seems to get mixed reviews now.

Check this link for details.


I saw those, I was hoping someone here had first hand experience.


Is this the Comfort Inn on Palm Dr. right near the WDW gate? If this is the one your asking about, we have stayed there many times and like it. They have a very good breakfast buffet that is very reasonable in price, and it is right near WDW.


I guess that would be the one it is right a WDW gate, it is on palm parkway I think.


That’s right, Palm Pkwy. We really like this hotel. It is rated a 2 star hotel but is very close to a 3. That is exactly how we found it. We saw there sign for $35.00 a night on our way to WDW and because it was very late and we didn’t want to pay $89.00 for a few hours at WDW we went to the Comfort Inn, and we really liked it. We always go at least once to the breakfast buffet even if were not staying there.