Just wondering if there is a huge difference in the comfort of the beds and pillows from a Moderate Resort to a Deluxe Resort?


I bet there is. I can tell you that the beds at POR are pretty hard, and I don’t like those skimpy sheets with those thin blankets that they have, but I can’t afford the deluxe and I don’t want to stay at a Value, so that’s it for me.


The new beds at the Contemporary are Great!!! :smile:


They look comfy :wink:


To me, nothing is like sleeping in your OWN bed. I will say, that no matter what level of resort we have stayed, I cannot get used to the hard edges of the mattresses. They are there to keep the mattresses from breaking down I guess. We do not have that at home, and it totally bugs me.


I can’t comment on moderates but last summer I stayed at Pop and my sister stayed at the Poly. Her beds were definitely more plush and comfy. With that said, by the time I got back to my room I fell asleep so quickly that it didn’t matter where I was sleeping.

I will say that the renovated Poly room beds seemed also more comfy than the unrenovated GF beds that I stayed at the year before.


I think there is a definate difference, I can remember the POly beds being of the ‘swallow you up’ variety :laugh: . I remember lying on that bed and sinking into it. However, the ones at POR are good enough for us. Very comfy and great pillows but I don’t like the sheets and blankets all that much.


When we get home, we fall into bed and instantly go comatose. I can’t even remember the beds! I do remember one fold-out sofa that was particularly hard, though.


DEFINITELY a difference. We stayed at AKL in December of 2006. The beds were very comfortable, as were the pillows. After staying there we never wanted to go back to a moderate…unfortunately, we cant afford the deluxe anymore. That year we got lucky.


After a day at WDW, lying on a bench is comfortable… :laugh:

Actually, I didn’t think the All-Star beds were that bad, and I’m spoiled…


You know, I wonder how often they change the mattresses at the resorts. I remember we had horrible beds at WL one time, then on another visit, they were great. But I do agree with CaraMia, the nicest beds we ever had at WDW were at AKL.


I love my own bed but the POR beds are reasonably comfortable and we soon get used to them. I find them a little high off the ground but then that may be because I am small :slight_smile:


I think that the mattresses and pillows at the deluxe resort are def. more comfortable than those at the moderates. That is not to say that I haven’t been perfectly comfortable at a moderate, just more so at a deluxe.:happy: I agree that the sheets and blankets are much nicer at the deluxe resorts as well.


There is a difference, but I can’t quite recall how different.
Another consideration is how recently that hotel has replaced it’s mattresses. Poly and Contemporary have some pretty new mattresses. I think the beds we had at WL in December were ok. My complaint is “Why don’t they use fitted sheets for the bottom?!” I hate when my bed falls apart or is short sheeted. The value bed we had at Pop was pretty hard.


I htink there’s a difference between the resorts in both the beds and towels. The sheets, pillows, and beds aren’t as comfortable at the moderates and values. We also need a queen size bed and the mods and values only have double beds.

I also noticed a big difference in the towels. I like a thick fluffy towel and the towels we had at POR this past Christmas were pretty thin and small.


I noticed the difference in the towels as well. And I really wish the mods had queen size beds.


The towels almost felt like they weren’t even bath size, they were so little and worn out.


Well, you have got to get more comfort at a deluxe. It’s included in the price :laugh:
The towels that aren’t so perfect anymore are handed down to the moderates and make their way to the values :closedeye


Thank goodness that wasn’t our experience. Thick and thirsty and very white.


I think the beds at POFQ are very comfortable…the ones at the Polynesian were heavenly however…AKL’s…not so much. I guess it just depends on the resort and not the level of the resort…got me??