Comfortable shoes


I don’t usually wear tennis shoes so I was wondering what would be the best type of shoes to wear for comfort all day? I was told crocs flip flops are pretty comfortable but I was thinking about the rides…are there any rides where I might loose my shoes? I know some rides your legs might dangle.


I you go the tennis shoe route, make sure you break them in before the trip. Stiff new shoes = blisters


I usually take walking shoes , but this time for some reason they made my feet hurt and I had just purchased some Sandals for Typhoon Lagoon … I wound up wearing the sandals for most of the trip … the were comfy!!!

Enjoy your Trip !!!


Women’s Shoes ? KEEN

I love all Keen shoes! Here’s the link for the women’s. I usually wear my Keen Venice. They are super comfortable, they are waterproof, and they don’t fall off my feet!:laugh: I always get lots of compliments too.:happy:


Wear shoes you have, that you find comfortable, that are already broken in.


Running shoes, New Balance or Asics… But, I have about 100 miles there in just plain flip flops too. Your feet better be used to the flip flops if you choose to go that route though.


I usually wear tennis shoes, but if I wear sandals they have to be birkenstocks. They have much more support than regular sandals and I would die without arch support!


That’s why Keens are so great. They’re like tennis shoes, but they’re sandals. Love 'em.


I agree with Kippage, where what is comfortable and already broken in, never wear new shoes.

Keen shoes are nice but too much coin for my blood, I’m cheap and would rather save the coins for Disney :blush:


I bring 3 types- leather Rockport sandals, Sperry Dockers and a good pair of sneakers made for walking. My DW thinks I’m crazy since she can last all day with the cheapest pair of flip flops or sandals on the market.

I find that unless I am going to be on my feet all day sandals or Dockers are A-OK. I’ll wear sandals if it is not going to be a wet day (short bursts of rain ok). If it looks like lots of rain Dockers are the daily choice. If we are going to be away from the unit all day I want the extra support of a walking sneaker.

Having more than 1 pair also allows your to air out your shoes. This is important. The last thing you want to do is put on wet shoes from the day before.


I always wear broken in cross trainers. Flip flops or sandals would not give me enough support and my feet and legs would be killing me at the end of the day…and if I get stepped on or run over by a stroller it doesn’t hurt as much.


The past two trips, this year and last year (and last year I was pregnant too on that trip), I’ve worn Croc Scutes, slide-on sandels… I found them super comfortable and I could walk all day in them! Bad thing—I have to buy new ones since the tread is gone on the bottoms of them from walking so much!!


I can’t wear anything other than sneaks if walking the parks all day. My back and legs would kill by the end of the day! I wish I could where sandles or flip flops!!!


DH, my kids and I all have them. We don’t just wear them at Disney. The kids wear theirs almost everyday when the weather is warm. I will wear mine this Thursday when I go on a field trip with DS. Very practical shoes.


crocs I have recently started wearing crocs and have been to a few parks with them on all day…

they do the job just fine:wub:


I’ll recommend whatever broken in (but not broken down) athletic / walking / running shoes you’ve got.

I normally wear running shoes, which help.

New shoes = no no.
Stilettos = no no no! :laugh:


When we were there with my sister inlaw she wore Crocs. I made fun of here, but she swore by them. Next thing my DW bought a pair of Micky Crocs. She began wearing them and now she swears by them. Good Luck with any shoe. Something to keep in mind is they will most likely get wet some where along the line on one of the rides.


For long park days I need tennis shoes or my feet hurt but I wear flip flops or sandals for shorter evenings in the park. I usually take several sandals and a couple of tennis shoes so I can change things up.


I swear by my Teva’s. I can wear them all day long and not even know they are on my feet. I bring three pairs of them and alternate each day. But I wear the Teva Terra Fi 2. They have more “shock absorbers” and are built for great support on your feet!


CROCS!!! I have Cleos in Brown and Black and swear by them!