Commando Stories


I’m inspired once again.

Now that we’ve heard about your longest days… let’s hear about your best Commando - style story. I want to hear from PiratesFan first. :cool:


My favorite story wasn’t about me and it’s not even a very long story… more of an observation.

On our most recent trip, we had some time to burn in Tomorrowland before our PS at the 1900. We tried for BuzzLightYear, but the line was 25 minutes and we had all agreed that 20 minutes was the max before we began the trip. (FP was down that day… what’s up with that???)

Anyhoo, so the four of us kept going on the People Mover. (I just can’t call it the TTA. It was always be the WedWay People Mover to me.) We were having such a fun time going on one of the tamest rides in all of WDW. 4 times in a row! And we had a blast.

On our way out of Tomorrowland, making our way to breakfast, we caught an interesting sight of a family of four. The kids looked like tweeners or young teens. They were led by a very determined looking mom with a map. She was walking a mile-a-minute and walking… well… walking VERY determined. Then pulling up the rear was a dishevelled and lost-looking dad. Looking at his face, you could clearly read his mind, “But, but… this is supposed to be a VACATION!” :laugh:


My Commando style trip goes back to 1995, where my DW (then girlfriend) planned a trip to drive from Northern NJ to WDW. We had a room booked at the then, Dixie Landings (POR). Using just 5 vacation days from work, I utilized the weekends to give us 4 addional days for a total of 9 vacation days. Now, keep in mind that my girlfriend did not know how to drive with a stickshift, so I had to do all the driving. In order to maximize the time in FL, I figured we would have to start out from NJ at around 4AM to arrive in SC in the late afternoon for an overnight stay. The drive would again have to begin at around 4AM again for us to arrive at WDW in the AM so we would have time to go into one of the parks (MK). My parents suggested that we take the more scenic route through Deleware to the Chesapeake Bay Brige-Tunnel. The drive started out fine until we got off of Route 95. There were traffic lights and the speed limit was 55 tops, but sometimes less! That was when it happened. I was doing 55 in Delaware until the speed dropped to 35. Got me by LASER doing 55 in a 35. I already was feeling the beginnings of a head cold and a fever, now I was even worse. We get into VA on Route 95 and I was anxious to get to the hotel we booked in SC to rest… Tried to pass a slow-going camper up a hill, ticket #2, 75 in a 55. Felt the day could not get any worse at this point. Yaaay, into NC, one more state to go…can’t wait to get to SC and keep on schedule…BAAM! Ticket #3, 75 in a 65. Just wanted to cry, but WDW was calling. We finally made it into WDW in the AM, on schedule. We check in, room not ready, MK here we go, 102 degree fever, 96 degree air temperature, 100% humidity. Even being there, it took a while to shake off the events from the drive down.

That day, we were able to go on a few rides, and decided on having lunch at Pecos Bill’s Cafe because it would be quicker to get something and then go to Big Thunder Mountain. The place was crowded, but I, with my camcorder around my neck, was rushing to get the food and drinks to my girlfriend who was waiting at an empty table. Then it happened…(no, not another speeding ticket!), I was trying to navigate around some people, when the tray tilted enough for a soda to spill over, splashing on me and into the camcorder. I planned on taping everything, but I only taped half a day. I guess this could all qualify for the worst WDW trip or worst single day, but I never accepted all this as a complete disaster because there was so much planned. Back in the hotel room, I was able to find a substitute screwdriver and started to take the camcorder apart, but the damage was too severe. Not accepting defeat, that night we took a trip down International Drive to buy a new camcorder. Over $700 later, we were back in business.

The Commando style for the rest of the trip in WDW consisted of going into the parks from the opening, taking a break in the afternoon, and then going back until closing. The most notable wait in line was Splash mountain at 1hr 20min. As a result, we skipped any other ride that had a long line and opted for other things we could do quickly. My girfriend then came down with my cold and wanted to rest. Meanwhile, I was up before her, complaining that we needed to hurry to get ahead of the crowds during the park openings. Then she said the “P” word. She wanted to go in the pool. I remember thinking, we went though all of this to go into the pool, killing even more time we didn’t have.

This Commando style trip was a great learning experience though. I honed the fine skills that are needed to keep your mate happy while still being able to keep on the move. Every subsequent trip has been a 100% success because we know when to take it easy (even though I could keep on going).

I hope to hear some other good Commando style stories, this is one too many for me. LOL.

PiratesFan :pirate: :wink: :pirate:


Commando in the style that we mapped out what we were going to ride and went non-stop all day long for 3 days. We got up at 4am and drove to WDW(4-5hours away)…got there when it opened and didn’t leave until closing. All food was grabbed and eating on the run to ride something. During the parades we rode, rode, rode and went on things several times since the lines were down b/c of the parades(we did watch Spectro Magic but that was it for parades/fireworks) During fireworks we run to POTC and ride that twice…then over to HM and ride that a couple times. By the time we got back to our room, as soon as we walked in the door, we all crashed on the bed and passed out.

Next day was EPCOT day…open to close on that one…I think we did everything in that park and didn’t do a sit down meal there either…just grab and go from counter service or a snack booth. By 11pm, when they were closing, my feet were SO sore and my back was killing me…another night we crashed as soon as we got to the room.

Next day was Animal Kingdom…we did everything there also and stayed from open to close and grabbed counter service on the go…we never sat to eat a meal at any of the parks…we had too much to see and do and thought it was a waste of time…lol I think the ONLY time we sat was on the rides and when the kids played in the Boneyard for 30 minutes or so. After AK closed at 6pm we went to Outback and DQ for Ice cream and then we all crashed as soon as we got back to the room.

The next morning we left and the kids and I slept all the way home…that was a tiring weekend.

The next weekend we went back just for two days. We got the military special(free 5 day hopper for DH and $99 each for my hopper and the kids)We had to go back this weekend and use them up b/c they expired in December and DH was going to Afghanistan for a couple months and wouldn’t be back until February.
We did the same routine…get up at 4am to drive to WDW. Get there at opening and stay all day…counter service where we actually sat down for 20 minutes or so…we bombarded rides during parades and fireworks(we actually did watch wishes from the POTC ride this time) The whole day was riding and reriding things and it seemed we never stopped.
The next day we rushed around MGM studios to get in as much as possible b/c we had to be on the road back home by 4pm. We munched on snacks from home mostly and didn’t even stop to eat or get a counter snack…For some things, I remember running across the park several times to make a show or cram in another ride real quick before a show. That was a very tiring day. After we crammed in as much as humanly possible we got in the car to make the 4-5 hour drive home. We got home around 9:30pm and crashed…the next day we were up early to get the kids to school and DH to work…I think it took a week to recover from our two weekends at WDW…lol

We will NEVER do a trip like that again…next time we will plan but stay extra days so we can go at a nice pace w/o having to cram as much of the park into our day as possible…that is just TOO tiring and we don’t enjoy WDW as much when we go commando…lol


That what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger… :wink:


Tell you what, I tried like everyone else to map out and plan and did all my homework for 2 years, and we STILL missed things! Can’t wait to go back and make those the first that we hit lol.



Ahh… being able to accept this means you’re one step closer to Disney enlightenment. :wink:

Unless you’re fortunate to stay for 2 weeks, it’s nearly impossible to see everything you want to see in one vacation.

In December, we’ll be taking our 3rd trip in 18 months, and we STILL won’t have the opportunity to enjoy much of the BW at night.

I can’t wait until we can afford to stay at YC/BC. THEN we’ll have plenty of opportunity.


Our first trip to WDW was last September!! We went with Disneymom’s family!! Disneymom was our commando!!

This was a surprise trip for both our kids and hers!! We went to dinner to plan some things!!
Disneymom’s husband is hilarious and started making jokes about getting into shape before the trip!!! Then he said to make sure to get good and dehydrated because bathroom breaks are not aloud!!! We laughed so hard and still laugh about that comment!!!

So first day not too bad we met up at POR at about 5!! Went to MK on buzz then stayed for the parade!! After the parade make a sprint for the pavillion area to sit to watch wishes!! Not too bad except we had been up all night the night before flying and the day before working!!

UP EARLY for AK we drove from our resort to AK!! When we got there we were 1 of only about 6 cars!! :eek: When we got out of the car Disneymom’s DH said see told ya!! We were picked to be honorary family tho!! Then it started… walking well commando style!! Did all of AK by 1 no joke!!
including character interactions!!! On to Epcot!! Did all of future world more than once on some things!! Dinner at LeCellier!! Did more future world rides and some of world showcase!! Then Illuminations!! Literally dropped into bed!!

Next day was MGM same pace!!! Lightening speed the whole day!!! That night I think we went to DisneyQuest!!!
Up early for MK ~ CRT breakfast!! We sprinted yes I mean it sprinted to the castle with Disneymom a full hundred yards ahead!! :laugh: Had breakfast and done in time for them to drop the rope and head for fantastyland!! Did all the rides at MK by a little after noon!! Back to POR for lunch and on to Typhoon Laggoon!! That night we watched Disneymom’s kids and they had a date night !! This night was more relaxing!!!

By this point my DH was complaining his shins hurt!!Next day up early for Chef Mickey’s and back to Epcot i think!! Same pace all day switched to mgm later that day!!!
By this point we realized that DH had gottn shin splints!! YES shin splints from trying to keep up with Commando Polly!! (Disneymom) LOL!! This was the most hilarious realization of the trip!!

Dh toughed it out and each day we ran to try and keep up!! Disneymom is the BEST DISNEY-commando out there!!!

Our last day was hilarious!! We had seen almost every imaginable character out there, but Disneymom and I were determined to get more!! For the kids ya know :whistling !! We were like crazy commando character seekers!! We were running from one place to another all over MGM!! We were successful tho we needed Lilo and Stitch and Donald Duck!! Got em!! We also got Hercules, Sulley and Mike, Kermit and Miss Piggy, Pocahontas and I think even a few more!! While our DH’s just stood back almost in fear of us!! We were on a mission!!!
Our pace never let up!! We stayed out late everynight and got up early every morning and went non stop all day all week!! 8 days actually!!
It was unbelievable but the most incredibly FUN trip ever!!!

We love you Disneymom and will miss you unbelievably this trip!!!


Unless you can go 3 times a year or more, there will always be ‘more things’ to see and do, especially the way they keep building :smile:

I have yet to visit Pleasure Island at night, DD with time to shop, never been resort hopping, never been to the Boardwalk, and never been to Blizzard Beach. I’m giving serious thought to moving to Florida just so I can go more frequently!! :mickey:


inluvwithdisney,your account of your first trip just sounds too insane for me!! I’m not criticizing you,please don’t think I am,but I would never be able to sustain that kind of pace.


We have quite a few of these. I am a super Type-A personality and tend to try to maximize everything that I do, often giving my family great little tidbits for later discusssions.

One of the best was a few years ago when we brought our 24 yo son for his first trip to WDW. (Long story on why it was his first trip). Anyhow we tried to do everything in 4 days and at one point we needed to get from EPCOT to toontown in MK. Somehow or another we ended taking a monorail, a bus, a boat, and a train to get from point A to point B. My DD thought it was a scream and my DS kept asking my DW; “Do you always go thru all this?”

In the long run, we all had a great time and he is as taken with WDW as my DD and I are.