Complaint contact info


Had a horrible mishap at VWL with total failure on the resort Managers ethics. I need Disneys complaint contact info if someone can provide it to me… Want it addressed while we are here. Thanks!


Oh dear…I’m sorry you have had trouble on your trip. I wish i could help you with a direct number but hopefully someone else can.

If no one has a direct number, I would call the regular number and keep asking for a supervisor until you get one. ((407) 939-5277)

Good luck. I hate to hear that someone is not having a magical time…


Sorry to hear that you had problems. We have corresponded not for complaints, but for praise. I am sure it will work just as effectively. They were VERY fast to respond. The E-mail address I used was:

Hope this helps and you can get some resolution / apology to what happened. I know that Disney does try to fix / correct issues.

Good luck.


Hope this gets resolved quickly- and I want details!


Thanks for the info. I’m am such an easy going person that it would take a lot for me to lodge a complaint but this incident was totally unexcusable and shocking of their response. So not like Disney.


I’m sorry you’ve had an issue. Is there another manager at the resort you can talk to while you’re still there?


I am sad to hear you had an experience that was not magical, but know you well enough to know that if you want to lodge an official complaint, it must a pretty bad. Hope the rest of your trip is nothing but magic.


I have used the web link below for praises and complaints, but they are not extremely speedy. Good luck!! Hope your issue gets addressed quickly.


Hoping you can get resolution quickly and that the rest of your trip is as Magical as it should be.