:mad: Has anyone else noticed an increase in negative reports over the past few months? Having returned 2 days ago from WDW Iam busting at the seams and biting my tongue not to completely unleash in here. Our trip (the 9th for us) was an absolute Disney nightmare. I have come to some conclusions:

  1. Summertime brings out the worst in Disney CM’s. They are rude and impatient and completely undisney! The resorts, parks and restaurants are overcrowded and the heat is miserable. Elizabeth from Chef Mickeys…If you are reading this, FIND A NEW JOB! You have no business working at the happiest place on earth. You made my kids cry and made me feel like a second class citizen and I will be sure someone hears about it!!!

  2. “How much time do you actually spend in your room anyway?”…uh 5 minutes is too long at the All Star Sports!

  3. WDW is a different place in the summertime. I know why complaints increase this time of year, I lived it last week. But, I also know that fall is just around the corner and starts the best times of the year to take full advantage of all the magic WDW has to offer.

If you hated the resort you stayed at this summer, give it a try again in a non summer month. (OK so I wont be trying another value resort, but I cant wait to get back to the Poly!).


I am sorry you had such a bad experience!!! Was anything good or were there just a few really bad things theat stood out???

Hopefully your next trip will be better!!!


I visited WDW for the first time this summer and found everything as great as it always is, with one exception…the HEAT. The CM’s were great. But again, that was our experience. :mickey:


Hey mickeymagic… I know what you are saying! It can be a rough trip in the heat. I’m not very nice when I am hot and tired, either.
But, the CMs are having to put up with a bunch of similarly hot and angry guests all day long, and even the steadiest nerves can get frayed under those conditions. I bet all the guests are a lot easier to deal with in fall, as well.
And as for your hotel, next time, try a moderate. At WDW, like everywhere else, you get what you pay for! Though WDW has gone a long way to make a budget-minded trip as good as it can be, you will notice a BIG difference when you check into a moderate… Beautiful grounds, lovely bright rooms, lots of amenities, restaurants and bars, etc. Splurge a little more and get into a luxury or a home away from home resort, and you will REALLY be pampered! Fabulous surroundings, lots of theming and all the trimmings. Unbelievable pools, dining options, transportation perks, etc…
You can’t check into the least expensive offering and then expect to be in the lap of luxury! For folks who need to watch the budget, the All-Star resorts are a terrific option. And on this site, there are lots of people who LOVE them, especially Pop Century, which we hae never had the pleasure of investigating in person!
For your next trip, try Dixie Landings (aka Port Orleans Riverside), which is out favorite. You will really love your trip!


What a shame that you had a negative trip. If budget constraints mean you have to stay at a value resort,try Pop Century. It is a fantastic resort!! I’m sure we’d love to read a trip report from you in the Trip Reports forum.


What problems did you have with All Star Sports?


Well, in all fairness, I guess we can’t blame Disney for the heat. :laugh: Florida + summer = hot. We’ve been going to WDW for 20 years - and yes, as much as I love it and will return every year, I have to admit that things have changed. I think a lot has to do with the size of the place. AK wasn’t even there when we started to go and MGM had just opened. The castmembers were definitely more friendly. They probably had a lost less people and problems to contend with. That being said, and realizing that everyone is human and can have a bad day, the fact is that people pay a lot of money for a trip to WDW. For many it is a once-in-a-lifetime event and Disney has an obligation to see that its visitors are treated properly, when those visitors have invested their money and time with Disney. And there is no doubt that there is a difference in service between Value and more expensive resorts. I’ve only spent one night at a value when we arrived at midnight and didn’t want to waste DVC points. I was shocked! I was expecting the greeting I always get at OKW and instead was made to feel like I should apologize for bothering them.


Cant wait to hear all about your trip the good and the bad. Post a report for us so we can get the details.


I am curious. What did Elizabeth do?


We always go at the end of august and never have a problem with anything really. As for the value resort thing, personally i will either stay at a moderate or a deluxe. I wouldnt go from a deluxe and expect it to be just as great as a value especially during a busy time of year.


My point was that we shouldnt judge WDW too harshly in the summertime. Im sure its a rough world to be working in with heat, crowds, etc…

We always visit WDW in the winter time, so summertime was somewhat of a shock to us. As I stated we always stay at a deluxe resort. This year however, we were travelling with a group and had several in our group that couldnt afford anything other than Value, so to keep the group together we stayed with them at the All-Star Sports. It was the only available Value resort for a group our size (we tried hard for Pop-Century). The All-Star Sports is a madhouse, I kept thinking we were in a poorly run dormitory rather than a hotel. There were thousands of teenagers there for various sports and I never saw parents with any of them (I assume they were there with a few chaperones). They never slept, they had fistfights and were always putting their mouths on the drink dispensers in the food court rather than buying cups. Late at night they were using every dark corner of the hotel for social hour. The security gaurds were always busting someone and calling in reinforcements. Transportation was not so good and we waited for an hour twice. But on the upside…our room was small, yet clean. And as many times as I have been to WDW I have never gotten a towel critter…I got one every day from Mousekeeping at All Star Sports! I guess they appreciate their tips more.

As far as Elizabeth at Chef Mickeys…A group of us decided to eat one evening there (its our favorite) so that the kids could see some of the characters (first time visit for some of the little ones in our group). We called and found out what time they stopped seating and arrived just prior to that since we didnt have PS’s. The restaurant was about half empty yet we were told that they couldnt seat us. They had no available PS’s for the evening. WHen we argued that the restaurant was half empty she said she would see if the manager (Elizabeth) would allow us to sit without PS’s. The manager came and asked which resort we were at and we told her we were staying at the All-Star Sports, and in her high and mighty attitude stated “Then you need to go back and eat at your own hotel!”. We spent an hour getting there by bus and monorail and then 15 minutes between CM and manager trying to get approval to sit. At this point we just asked that in light of the situation could the little ones say hello to the characters that were in the lobby. The manager stated that the characters were only available to their “important” customers and moved to stand in front of the kids and block their view. So the crying began. BY the time we left it was too late to make any other restaurant before closing, so we ended up back at our hotel in the food court. We tried one more time later in the week and were turned away that time too. I guess I dont understand the PS system anymore. It used to be that PS meant you got priority over walk-ins, but that walk ins would still be allowed to eat as long as you didnt mind a long wait. We were just flatly turned away. We had similar experiences everywhere, half empty restaurants yet long waits or being turned away. For the first time ever we started eating off property.

Anyway…we will still be back, we still love WDW, we just wont go in the summertime again.


I am truly shocked you were told this!!! :ohmy:

I had trouble a month or so ago with a CM and I made it known to a supervisor and Disney ended up upgrading my Reservation to concierge!!! Which is nice but before everything was cleared up it was a total hassle!!!

So I know it can happen!!! You definitely need to let Disney know!!! And not just you but the others with you as well!!!

It is such a bummer when things like this happen!!!


Absolutely let Disney know. And just what did she mean by “important” guests? It was my understanding that Disney treats all their guests as important. In this case mention the date and time and Elizabeth by name. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. As for the kids at the resort, if Disney is allowing these large groups to book reservations, they have an obligation to keep things under control. Drinking from the drink machine faucets? That’s disgusting and no one should have to put up with that kind of nonsense.


So sorry to hear of your bad experience. Glad it hasn’t soured you on WDW. Just sort of curious…when you called to find out when they stopped serving, how come you didn’t make a ps then? Just wondering and I agree it should not have made a difference in how you were treated.


Oh mickeymagic, I feel your pain! (And this is coming from a CM!) Summertime just transforms Disney parks in a BAD WAY. I hope you have better experiences in the future. :crying: Personally, I would NEVER vacation at a Disney theme park in the summer. It’s not worth it!


Holy Cow! That woman would have felt the wrath of **** from me! How dare her speak to you in such a way and for no reason. If they stop seating as say 9pm, then they HAVE to seat you until 9. I would so call the comtemporay and DEMAND to speak to someone in charge. Then I would start emailing my fingers off to anyone in chage there. How UN disney. How rude to make kids cry…what a disgrace of a CM.


Mickeymagic… that is a terrible story! You must make a call, perhaps to the manager at Comtemporary. After all, if Elizabeth is such a grump, she may make people miserable every day, and that reflects on the restaurant, the hotel and WDW in general! Elizabeth, on your next lunch hour, take a ride on Splash Mountain to cheer yourself up!


Call me a sap, but just hearing that story made me well up a little. :crying: I cannot believe that woman behaved in such a cold and shocking manner, particularly to the extent of making children cry at DisneyWorld. Pete and I would never go in the summertime, and your report has only backed up my conviction that it is only managable in the off-season. I’m so sorry you and your poor kids had to go though that. :sad:


Holy moley! That “Elizabeth” story is right out of a “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”! I simply cannot imagine any Disney employee speaking to guests in that manner, or not bending over backwards to accommodate the children at the very least. As I read your story, I found myself with my mouth hanging wide open-aghast!

I am truly sorry for your unjustifiable experience. :frowning:


Re: “Elizabeth” at Chef Mickey’s

You DEFINITELY must report her as soon as possible. Her conduct was completely without defense. Chef Mickey’s is air-conditioned, so the summer heat had nothing to do with her actions. She simply needs to be fired.